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Protected: Dear Bitchy Library Girl…

February 26, 2007

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With a little help from my friends…

February 23, 2007

C: What are you doing tonight then?
Me: I dunno – what are you doing?
C: Well….I’m babysitting til 8 then I was going to watch Devil Wears Prada.
Me: Oooh are you buying it?
C: Yes but not for me…for you – cos I know you love it.
Me: I’ll be ’round at 8 then.

Is it normal?? (potential lovers look away now…)

February 23, 2007

That everytime I think I might like a boy I immediately try to visualise them holding a baby?

(v B Jones I know)

This afternoon…

February 21, 2007

I will be writing a 1000 words on my knowledge and value base and where they come from. I’m fairly sure I know where mine come from – my hippy background and unconventional education.

What are your values in life? Why?

Indulge me please….

Meanwhile at Disneyland

February 20, 2007


We did have the most fun I never expected to have!

Password Theif chickened (i think) out of coming in the end and didn’t dare speak to C or I at uni yesterday. Hey ho – her loss.

Blonde Ambition

February 13, 2007

I am having slight appearance issues.
I had blonde hair for at least ten years. I associate it with a different chapter of my life. Part of the reson I dyed it dark was that I didnt think anyone would take me seriously as a Social Worker with blonde hair and fake nails (don’t get me wrong blonde people I loved my hair like that and I don’t think it gives anyone a stereotyped image etc- it was a personal thing). Going back to uni and getting my career sorted was a big life change for me and I wanted something in my appearance to mark it. So I dyed it and over the summer I got it cut in a graduated bob like Sarah Harding. I love my hair like this- its v shiny and alot more managable for me and I think I look older and feel more professional which is what I wanted.
Meanwhile I’ve started seeing a new boy. We were looking through my old photos the other day and he saw all the pictures of me with long hair. He said ‘wow u were a right stunner wern’t you? Love you hair like that why don’t you have it like that again?’ I explained the above. ‘Yeh but its so foxy!’

Someone you know…can’t wait to go!

February 13, 2007

Its now 2 days until Disneyland Paris!! I’m so excited!!!
Even though I’m going docs later to plead for motion sickness meds – if they exist so I can survive 12 hours each way on the coach.

Meanwhile Password Theif now isn’t coming with us even though she’s paid for her ticket?!?

Meanwhile…I started my first SW placement.

February 11, 2007

I never ever expected it to be this much fun. I’m observing and helping out at an agency which provides training and work opportunities for adults with Learning Disabilities. The people who run it seem v nice and just let me poke my nose into everything that goes on there and also seem quite keen on telling me all about everything. No one is in a massive hurry and they havn’t had a student there for some uears so the service users are not used to people coming in to meet them all the time. This has really worked in my favour because they are mostly excited to talk to me and tell me all about them and make friends with me etc. Some are very enthusiastic about this. One lad’s favourite thing to talk about is horror films, gosh he LOVES them. Freddy Kruger is his gero and Nightmare 3 is the best one apparently. I know this now because he ran through it with me about every 30 minutes for the entire 6 hours I was there.
I’ve been learning Makaton with the Service Users too. If you don’t know its a basic sign language often taught to learning disabled folk who have difficulties with normal speech patterns. A collection of downs kids absolutely delighted in teaching it to me and were busily shaking my hand every time I learned a new sign – it worked! I’m getting good now!
On the first day at lunch time they were v anxious to know if I would come and sit with them to eat my sandwiches. I said ‘oh yes definitely i will just fetch them from the office and come up to the canteen in a minute’. So i went to the office and had a chinwag with the staff etc and went back into the corridor to find them all still standing there holding the door open for me in case i forgot to come!


February 11, 2007

Hi wordpress. I used to be – thats me. 20sixer got a bit dull and empty so it was this or Vox but guess what Vox isnt supported on safari. That made me happy. It really did.

Here i am.

February 11, 2007