Blonde Ambition

I am having slight appearance issues.
I had blonde hair for at least ten years. I associate it with a different chapter of my life. Part of the reson I dyed it dark was that I didnt think anyone would take me seriously as a Social Worker with blonde hair and fake nails (don’t get me wrong blonde people I loved my hair like that and I don’t think it gives anyone a stereotyped image etc- it was a personal thing). Going back to uni and getting my career sorted was a big life change for me and I wanted something in my appearance to mark it. So I dyed it and over the summer I got it cut in a graduated bob like Sarah Harding. I love my hair like this- its v shiny and alot more managable for me and I think I look older and feel more professional which is what I wanted.
Meanwhile I’ve started seeing a new boy. We were looking through my old photos the other day and he saw all the pictures of me with long hair. He said ‘wow u were a right stunner wern’t you? Love you hair like that why don’t you have it like that again?’ I explained the above. ‘Yeh but its so foxy!’


9 Responses to “Blonde Ambition”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    men. pah. you have it how you like it

  2. onestepbeyond Says:

    I’m sneaking in. You know who I am. Ssssh.

  3. toomuchinfo Says:

    nuffin wrong with brown, redhead, blonde, perhaps im just not fussy

  4. Pete Says:

    Hey! I’m a boy, I’ve seen both, and I think you look gorgeous with dark hair! x

  5. alittlepieceofme Says:

    i have to admit i’d be lost without my blonde, but i secretly desire to go brunette and see how much more mature and classy i would look….i’m scared!!

  6. avssblondie Says:

    I think you just do whatever you feel, your hair looks good dark but you can always change it back, my advice is to keep it dark a bit longer and then when it gets to May/June go back to blonde for the summer…………xx

  7. M Says:

    People are like chocolates; no matter how pretty the packaging it is what is inside that counts. The inside can be put into all sorts of different packages and the beauty shines through. But should only be put into the packages that you want it to be put into.
    I would say that yeah, I can imagine you being foxy-blonde. But now, you are no less foxy – not that I use the word foxy. I’d be more likely to say “stunning” or “attractive” or “beautiful” or “sexy”…
    Always be true to yourself. That is all we can do and hope to be.

  8. sungirltan Says:

    amie – thats a pretty good idea!
    m – thanx n all but we all know that image is exactly that – its not like i style myslef to please anyone but me – i just get fed up with the ‘you must be retarded if ur pretty and blonde’ label x

  9. M Says:

    my ex had a similar dilema; although not blonde she had long curly hair which… in certain jobs looks a little less professional and so on; so she had her hair cut short. I think she looked beautiful both ways.
    Glad you do stuff for yourself; I know what you mean about attitude towards blondes.
    There are stereotypes for everything; usually because a proportion of that type is that way. Which sucks because you’re all tarred with the same brush. Yeah there are some “dumb blondes” out there, but there are no less “dumb brunettes” or “dumb redheads” – its just people come up with labels and do not move on. Then again, some can use the stereotype to their advantage. Which, while good for them does nothing but perpetuate
    This life we all do what we think we need to do to fit in with society; either it’s perceptions of us or our perceptions of that we should be to be “normal” or treated a certain way.
    It all sucks. Society is to blame, but what can we do to change it?

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