This afternoon…

I will be writing a 1000 words on my knowledge and value base and where they come from. I’m fairly sure I know where mine come from – my hippy background and unconventional education.

What are your values in life? Why?

Indulge me please….


11 Responses to “This afternoon…”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    hmmm i’m not sure. i think honesty, friendship and being there for people. Also treating others as you wish to be treated yourself. I also firmly believe in marriage and family.

  2. avssblondie Says:

    oooh cant think that hard im afraid not with all this uni work I have to do!
    Sounds interesting though, wish my essays were that good xxxxxx

  3. Pete Says:

    My values mainly come from my faith, I think, and from looking at Jesus as an example of the values that I aspire too. I think that a good quote that sums these values up is from Pauls letter to the Galatians…

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
    Galatians 5:22-23

    I think that’s pretty much what I wish to attain too and grow in, values wise.

  4. sungirltan Says:

    aww pete thats lovely x

  5. onestepbeyond Says:

    I have neither values or knowledge.
    I do, however, have an irrational love of soap operas…

    Draw your own conclusions from that!

  6. M Says:

    I believe that we are all equal.
    There is beauty in everyone.
    We should treat each other better than we would expect to be treated ourselves.
    Vengence is soul destroying in it’s obsessive bitterness; and rarely as satisfying as you’d expect it to be.
    We should tell those around us we appreciate them.
    We do things to do things not for reward.
    If god exists he/she/it’d rather we just got along than spent time and money erecting temples to them and destroying countries for non-believing.
    Possessions aren’t important; and yet are important to me.
    It is okay to be selfish sometimes.
    I would do anything I could to help a friend in need; but not a stranger.

  7. sungirltan Says:

    why not a stranger M? not a samaritan then?

  8. Pete Says:

    Mas, don’t you think thats not fair though, because one day you could need help, and the only personages there could be strangers. Would you have them all pass you by just because they didn’t know you? I think we should help anyone we have opportunity to do so.

  9. M Says:

    SGT & Pete : You know; I don’t need the lecture 🙂 I believe family and friends come first. Helping a stranger in need depends on the situation. I have done things in the past that have helped complete strangers in need; done without expectation or requiring any form of recompense. Push to shove I would help someone in need, whoever they were. However, I have OCD so sometimes the best that would happen is that I’d agonise about whether or not I should be doing something, or could be doing something. It depends on the situation, what the need is, really. I’m not sure if anything I’m saying is making sense. I am a conflict of interests.

  10. sungirltan Says:

    m – this is a debate – its not personal x

  11. M Says:

    ah, don’t worry sgt; words are prone to misinterpretation without the benefit of tone. I’m not taking ( or aiming to cause ) offence.

    When it comes to strangers; there are degrees of help required. 5 minutes talking, giving money to what seems a geniune malady not expecting or requiring it back; those are the easys. Seeing someone upset on the phone in the street, seeing a fight, seeing a mugging or worse. Harder. The easy I can and do do. The hard I have problems with, as I suspect many with obligations would. Not wanting to be another dead have-a-go-hero. A statistic who tried to help;success or failure unimportant.

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