Doc thinks I have sinusitis. I have been feeling so crappy the last month or more. I just assumed it was stress/bad diet/whatever – the daily headaches and constant nausea. I have a pile of meds now and some heavy duty painkillers. When I was explaining symtoms to the doc I found it hard to recall the last time I really felt ok. My appetite has gone awol too. I’m 9.2 which is the weight I was when I got home from Asia almost a year ago because I didn’t like any of the food!
Hey ho.


4 Responses to “Diagnosis”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    😦 hope you’re feeling better soon!

    i’d think i had it too but my appetite is definately here!

  2. sungirltan Says:

    thats why i thought itmight not actually be stress cos i eat for engalnd when im stressed!

  3. Pete Says:

    😦 Get well soon Tan, you must. x

  4. avssblondie Says:

    Oh babe, bless you, never had it but M says it’s awful. Eat better and rest, sending hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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