On one hand……

I just saw my mock law exam and it went really well!! (this has never happened to me in an exam EVER). The revision worked – i remembered EVERYTHING. Hurrah.

But you know..just to balance out the unviverse the food stealing in my flat has reached crisis point and I am at a loss as to how to handle this.  Friends have suggested either buying a mini fridge or applying for a room transfer. The fridge would cost £50 at the most and be the least hassle option but moving costs £50 also with associated time and effort and if I move to another flat I might have worse issues. However since food theif stays up making a racket until about 9am the next day – can things be any worse in another flat?? Maybe not. My nice flatmate (who is a girl) spent a good couple of hours blitzing the kitchen yesterday, did all the left over wasjing up and mopped the floor etc and cajoled the rest of us into removing the bin bags.  Most residents took the incventive to actually put their clean plates etc away and everything so at tea time yesterday the kitchen looked gleaming. However when I went back at 10pm it was full of boys who dont live here and the whole place was trashed again and the fridge has been emptied of anything good.



5 Responses to “On one hand……”

  1. Pete Says:

    They sound like absolute Slobs, Tan, I’d go with the room transfer, if you can be bothered with the effort, it doesn’t seem it could get much worse!

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    hurrah for exam…. boo for horrible people. i don’t think i could stand to share with people like that, it’d completely stress me out x

  3. sungirltan Says:

    thanx P
    IT DOES!!!!

  4. Matt Says:

    Any chance you can get him kicked out as he’s the prob?
    would your other flatmates go along with trying to get ride of him?

  5. sungirltan Says:

    matt- im trying -will post in full tomorrow x

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