Today is International Womens Day. C and I went to a some Social Work talks this morning until C’s niece had a good yell during ‘Social Work in Romania’ and we gave up.
C’s niece is two and v blonde and cute. Lots of cute boys looked at me today when I was pushing her aorund town. Who’d have thought the ‘suspected single Mum’ look would help with meeting men?!
But… the queue for Starbucks in the uni courtyard later on…..the nipper got excited and yelled ‘DADA’ at everyone. About 5 boy students turned around, looked at her and almost shat themselves. Tee hee.

Meanwhile I have formally complained about FFH and he’s now had a letter detailing why his behaviour is unacceptable and suggesting he replace the items as a ‘gesture’. Like thats going to happen. Unite have offered my a room in a girls only flat upstairs but will charge me £50 for the priviledge. Grrrr


5 Responses to “Thursday…..”

  1. sungirltan Says:

    Haha, there was a little girl on the bus the other week calling everyone, old and young, dada. It was rather amusing, I was going to make a joke to the mum about not remembering her, but I thought it might be vaguely inappropriate.

  2. sungirltan Says:

    thats pete pretending to be me.

  3. Pete Says:

    Was I convincing? I thought I was. 😉

  4. standontheright Says:

    Oh no! You live in a Unite halls?!! They are arses. Make sure the place is utterly spotless when you leave – they are notorious (certainly down here) for keeping deposits for even the smallest reason. My old SU hated them and ran campaigns altering students to their dirty tactics.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    that might be quite a challenge with my flatmate!! thanx for the tip off tho xxx

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