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Swings and Roundabouts

March 11, 2007

Everything in my life is becoming disjointed. It’s a bit odd. On the one hand uni is starting to fly for me and I’m getting things churned out and handed in whilst not freaking out! On the other hand my flat is becoming a nightmare. FFH and his gf and thier mates are home constantly now with their happy hardcore and bongs and White Lightning until 7am. FFH’s gf is a whole other story but a bit gross to blog about on here. Since I lodged the complaint nothing else has been taken thank god but he’s not speaking to me – boo hoo!! No one else likes him either – he owes G a load of cash and T spends alot more time away from the flat now so at least I know its not just me being over sensitive. He’s a big coward though – we were in the kitchen alone together last night and he could have spoekn to me and resolved it somewhat but he didn’t dare look me in the eye! What an idiot.

Meanwhile in other news….
I had a lovely email from a far away friend the other day talking about going through periods where things go a bit downhill and you find out who your real friends are and funnily enough I seemed to have wandered into one of those periods myself just lately. (although someone pointed out that people can say over the net what they sure as hell wouldn’t to your face so i’m less bothered about that now). Don’t know why it bothered me at all – i’ve had the same best mates for years and thats unlikely to change.