Back to reality….

Well…..FFH is moving out today but the skanky girlfriend is planning to stay on in his room. I wasn’t immediately bothered until one of the upstairs boys confessed its mainly her that thieves from everyone. I presume I can throw her out for sqatting since i doubt v much that she plans to pay any rent etc. There was an aura of clam for about 5 minutes this morning and the remaining residents cleared up the flat/retrieved the furniture from upstairs/generally made the place nice again. Then we found out about HER. Rats.


3 Responses to “Back to reality….”

  1. toomuchinfo Says:

    aww 😦 and do i get the private blog password 😀 haha

  2. Pete Says:

    Grr. Kick her out!

  3. Matt Says:

    Also anychance you would send the passwords my way?

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