Miss Saturday Night

The bursary came a week early. C and I were extra delighted but it did unfortunately delay the current essay by a whole day due to mall related activities. It was extremely pleasurable. I now have 2 pairs of v slinky SIZE 10 jeans. And the River Island ones gape a bit already (i’m just not mentally ready for and 8 though). Since my money doesn’t have to last me very long this term (we finish May 31st and I will be working full time after that) I’ve been splashing my cash around like theres no tomorrow. I even let one of the make up ladies in Boots sell me Estee Lauder Ideal Light (like Touche Eclat but skin coloured not white). Its very good. and £20!! I also now have that fancy Masterpiece Mascara but thats not as exciting as it looks on the advert.
More to the point what I should be doing right now is my very dull essay on care delivery but what I want to do is shop online until dawn and gossip on msn. I expect I’d get more done if I actually went out instead!

One Response to “Miss Saturday Night”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hurrah for bursaries and new jeans! 😀 Sounds like a good day.

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