I have been on placement again today. This week i have been burrning heather with the enclave group at the country park. This group are young people with downs and other various learning dificulties. I have been before and had a great time, this week when they discovered I was coming out with them several of the service users expressed unashamed delight and that really meant alot to me. My placement gets better every week and I often have these little revelations about how i’m getting really confident that social work was absolutely the right choice for me…and that I’m glad I followed my heart to make it here.

One of the service users in this group has quite severe communication difficulties and I was pre warned before I met him that he would stare at me constantly (cos im a young girl etc) but probably not be able to talk to me like the rest of them do. For the first few weeks he did indeed stare at me all the time and get quite stressed if he couldnt just stand there and watch me all the time. I was really determined what with all the ‘sensitivity to diversity’ stuff we do at uni that I wouldn’t treat him any differently so I have always adressed him directly when he stares at me. I say ‘you alright Bob*, having a good day/yada yada’ – Bob RUNS away. But I persevered and I must be doing something right because last wek he came right up to me and said ‘hello SGT, how are you?’ (a much bigger deal than I can explain properly) and this week well…we’re best mates now and hes chatting away to me like its the most ordinary thing in the world (although its just me and not the other service users or the staff).

2 Responses to “Wednesday…”

  1. Amylou Says:

    Runs away?! Oh no! At least yo got him talking in the end!x

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    that’s brilliant!!! 🙂 it kinda makes all the other stuff worth it! yay

    well done you x

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