The Long Goodbye

I’ve had a letter from my own agedp. He reports he’s losing his sight even more drastically but that he can get it sort of fixed for £18,000 if the NHS won’t cough up. He seems happy with this. He is writing on his Croation girlfriend’s typewrtiter which has black on white keys which he can just about make out. I wonder if its more the case of he knows where the letters are anyway. He explains that he can no longer see the trains coming and going from the station out of the flat window – and that they are 367 of these a day! (yes, he would count them!).

He’s written me these novella length letters since I was away at school and I suppose I have been away in one way or another for the last twenty years now.  Except every time I get one now I wonder if it just might be the last one. How many more rambling pages of a4? Ten more? Five more?

I think he knows that too because theres been less and less crap about my Mother in the last couple of years and more attempts at wisdom and legacy. This was his final paragraph…

‘I shall not be able to boast that ‘i did it my way’ – more of a staumble than a planning! But all in all I have been very lucky.

I shall die dissapointed not to have seen greater progress towards a just and decent society. Tony Benn, whom I met in Truro catherderal in 1995 said that things will change when enough people sit up and take notice but it is nobody’s duty to illuminate the significant facts that form opinion apart from a few investigative journalists who struggle against the cloak of secrecy.’

And so on.

I’m stoping now before I ruin my mascara.


3 Responses to “The Long Goodbye”

  1. punctuation Says:

    Have you ever read “a short history of tractors in Ukranian”? ( Very funny book for those of us that have relatives from “the former Eastern Bloc” as the BBC would have it. The worst thing about caring for someone older is that you start to see time walk all over their vitality. Keep your chin up.

  2. Beachhutman Says:

    You’re so lucky to have an Aged P you want to hear from and who loves you enough to write like that.

  3. sungirltan Says:

    bhm – i know. i just didnt always.

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