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Yours sincerely wasting away.

April 12, 2007

Because i’m now 8 st 10lbs my lovely indigo RI jeans i bought the other week are gaping at the front and baggy around the bum and dont look remotely sexy/stylish. Although they dont look as comdey as my v favourite Earl jeans which would now fit in a whole other person but still i’m annoyed and despondent.
I went shopping for a bikino today amonsgt other things because our apartment in Edinburgh next week now has a private pool (the boys did good since its cost is £35 each!!). Naturally my gorgeous Roxy one from oz is now two sizes too big. I only trtied on ones with alot of padding up top since my bust is shrinking away to nothing. Turns out that even the padded variety need something to work with! Most of them either gaped at the top (funny that since all my bras do that too now) or they looked like id just stuck some bits of random padding to my front. I know its not the end of the word but i wanted to sit on the floor of the fitting room and sob. Im losing weight and im losing and confidence and a whole lot more besides.