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May 29, 2007

You know its 2007 when you have this conversation:

S: You’re definitely the fittest out of all your friends.

Me: How would you know. You havn’t met my friends?

S: Yes but i’ve seen all your pictures on facebook.

I must admit i have been nurtured alot lately for my end of term work anguish. I had two posh dinners cooked for me this week. Unfortunately though i had avery uncomfortable moment with one of the chefs.  You may remember me falling out with a friend over him voting for the BNP a while back. I was busily telling the story to the chef until there was an awkward silence and it transpired that he also claimed to have justification for supporting them too. I was pretty shocked. In leicester i never met anyone this extreme even though most leicester natives moan about imigrants a bit from time to time.

At the time i told J in no uncertain terms that our friendship was over but we weren’t that close anyway. At the time of confession, chef was standing there hammering peppercorns into a steak for me. Even though i was horrified enough to leave i didnt feel i coiuld.

Another friend and i discussed it last night and his take on it was that friendship is about shared values. I do not share his neo facist values so am within my rights to dismiss him. Then he added ‘oh well, if you can’t do that at least you only have to argue every four years about it!’

Ok computer

May 25, 2007

I am having issues with my emac. WordPress keeps crashing Safari. So i cant blog from home at present. Now i have a blog bottleneck. Ho hum. Here is a round up of recent events:

1. I am still shrinking.

2. Ebay rocks. I have creamy coloured leather round toed cone heels to go with my dress for the wedding which i like even more than the dress. They cost me £6!

3. If you are depressed then i recommend watching Morph dvds and eating starmix. Its quite effective.

4. Sitting in the window of a student bar drinking shots and trying to guess how other punters know eachother is also heaps fun. I swear there must be a blonde dredlock society at Plymouth uni.

5. If you still need cheering up i recommend going to see The Bridge to Terabithia at the cinema. I took C and her nipper who requested it. C and i cried buckets. so much so that nipper clasped both our hands and earnestly told us ‘dont worry its not real!!’. I dont want her to grow up. I wish she could stay 6 forever.

6. I had some test shots taken with a photographer on monday. Its artistic stuff not glamour or fashion. Below is one of them. I got a call back and have another shoot coming up. If all goes well i might make some money. Hard to say just now tho.


Protected: Its not you its me

May 25, 2007

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The end of the line?

May 18, 2007

Ok so I have finished my placement. I was v sad to leave on wednesday. I have to go back today to collect my feedback and have a meeting about it this afternoon. Frankly i am terrified about this. I’m worried i’ve made some huge mistake or something.
Meanwhile my last task for uni this year is finshing my community development project. Between now and the 28th of May i have to complete another 80 odd hours work. Something tell me having a rest day yesterday wasn’t the best idea! Hey ho. Then i have to hand in the dreaded practice learning portfolio for all of the above and i’m done for the year. Where did the time go eh?

You are what you eat?

May 15, 2007

C and I have been working flat out for what seems like weeks now. The other night we were having a break and eating leftover easter eggs which were cadbury buttons ones in the shape of chicks. They had been in the fridge and were a bit hard. I couldnt break mine so i tried to bite its head off…thsi resulted in the egg smashing and erupting buttons all across the carpet of C’s living room. So picked them all up and shoved them in my mouth as you do. I was chewing for a bit and then something felt very wrong indeed. Then i spat out…..a penny!!!

(it was already on the floor before any of you suggest i write to cadbury and complain)

Protected: Don’t come the cowboy with me Sonny Jim

May 10, 2007

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Oooooh look…..

May 8, 2007

What i bought to wear to my cousins wedding in July…
Kate moss at Topshop oh yes….slinky….


May 8, 2007

Its my law exam this afternoon. I got another assessment back today…and passed!! Only 3 to go now. The mock law exam was really quite easy so i’m not too stressed about today. That leaves my Social Policy paper (yawn…) and my final portfolio for my practice learning (you know the fun part with the downs people). Can’t believe the year whizzed past so fast.

Come back apathy…all is forgiven!!!

May 5, 2007

So for most of us there were local elections on Thursday. Just before i voted i had this v scary conversation with a guy i used to be friends with and am not well…not. He is a former footballer and now a gas fitter or whatever they are called and has a fancy impreza and v fancy hair. Now you have a mental picture.

GF: Hey how are you, not tlaked in a while hows things?
Me: Yeh im ok, stuck indoors working but about to go up the hill and vote.
GF: Well i hope you vote BNP.
Me: (pause for stunned silince) Are you serious??
GF: Yes i am. Britain is for the British etc.
Me: WHAT!!!!!!
GF: What has Britain ever done for us. time for a change.
Me: *remembers about which card to play when this happens* Hang on a minute mate, what makes you so sure i’m even British?? (my name is slavic btw)
GF: Erm….well i’m not fair one but its different becasue i like you.
Me: Not is f**king well not!!!
GF: Well are you saying we cant be friends anymore then?
Me: I’m sorry but i cant be friends with someone who would support that kind of ideology. Its oppressive and narrow minded and violent and well facist!
GF: Oh its like that then is it?
Me: Yes.

And that was that. No two ways about it.

Later C and i were discussing it and what shocked us the most was that movements like that are getting their claws into people our age who are a mostly apathetic voting group and that that someone as middle class and reasonably educated as him would fall for it.

Never mind all that….

May 4, 2007

George has been booked in for an emergency MRI scan on tuesday. Although he is just about responding to the radiotherapy the consultant suspects secondary cancer elsewhere.

I have to decide by the end of this month whether to take my second year placement either here in Plymouth or up the line close to Mum and stay at home 3 days a week. I think it may be made for me on Tuesday. Communting a bit more – its just not the end of the world is it. Unlike other possible events.

Mum just about coped with the scan news but freaked because G’s daughter bought him a tv for his bedroom for his birthday. Mum concluded that they know something she doesnt and that he will become bedridden in an instant. Even i know this is completely irrational – i mean what else could you buy a 70 year old man with 2 types of cancer who cant drive anymore as a present? The tv is one of those flatscreen ones you hang on the wall – i know for a fact that G would love that.