Never mind all that….

George has been booked in for an emergency MRI scan on tuesday. Although he is just about responding to the radiotherapy the consultant suspects secondary cancer elsewhere.

I have to decide by the end of this month whether to take my second year placement either here in Plymouth or up the line close to Mum and stay at home 3 days a week. I think it may be made for me on Tuesday. Communting a bit more – its just not the end of the world is it. Unlike other possible events.

Mum just about coped with the scan news but freaked because G’s daughter bought him a tv for his bedroom for his birthday. Mum concluded that they know something she doesnt and that he will become bedridden in an instant. Even i know this is completely irrational – i mean what else could you buy a 70 year old man with 2 types of cancer who cant drive anymore as a present? The tv is one of those flatscreen ones you hang on the wall – i know for a fact that G would love that.


2 Responses to “Never mind all that….”

  1. Pete Says:

    Sorry to hear about G, I hope that their fears turn out to be wrong. I’m sure your mum will be ok about the tv, she’ll understand, it was probably just a surprise coming on the back of the scan, but after a wee bit, she’ll see it as a good gift too.

  2. punctuation Says:

    Commuting is a pain in the arse – but if you don’t decide to move back nearer to your mum you could end up having to travel and see her loads anyway. Even if G turns out to be “not so ill as we thought” list he’s not a young man and your mum will have to support him – and you’ll have to support her because it’s the one thing about cancer that many people miss – the effect on everybody around the person who is ill (and that includes you, it must worry you).

    I’m no-one to comment on this Angel – it’s easy for a blogger to pontificate – but I really hope it turns out to be less serious than your mum and G must be dreading the results. Your mum is already, by the sound of it, jumping to conclusions when in fact no-one knows (isn’t that what the scan is for on Tuesday). The MRI scan will show the true picture of how ill or NOT he is and knowing is half the battle to coping.

    My step-sister was given 3-6 months to live 15 years ago and she is completely in remission and living a totally normal life.

    It’s NEVER over until the fat lady sings.

    ** hugs **

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