Come back apathy…all is forgiven!!!

So for most of us there were local elections on Thursday. Just before i voted i had this v scary conversation with a guy i used to be friends with and am not well…not. He is a former footballer and now a gas fitter or whatever they are called and has a fancy impreza and v fancy hair. Now you have a mental picture.

GF: Hey how are you, not tlaked in a while hows things?
Me: Yeh im ok, stuck indoors working but about to go up the hill and vote.
GF: Well i hope you vote BNP.
Me: (pause for stunned silince) Are you serious??
GF: Yes i am. Britain is for the British etc.
Me: WHAT!!!!!!
GF: What has Britain ever done for us. time for a change.
Me: *remembers about which card to play when this happens* Hang on a minute mate, what makes you so sure i’m even British?? (my name is slavic btw)
GF: Erm….well i’m not fair one but its different becasue i like you.
Me: Not is f**king well not!!!
GF: Well are you saying we cant be friends anymore then?
Me: I’m sorry but i cant be friends with someone who would support that kind of ideology. Its oppressive and narrow minded and violent and well facist!
GF: Oh its like that then is it?
Me: Yes.

And that was that. No two ways about it.

Later C and i were discussing it and what shocked us the most was that movements like that are getting their claws into people our age who are a mostly apathetic voting group and that that someone as middle class and reasonably educated as him would fall for it.


8 Responses to “Come back apathy…all is forgiven!!!”

  1. punctuation Says:

    It’s true, these people are ignorant toss pots. I like it when people rant and rave about “bloody travellers”. I smile, and say “do you know any then”? The usual answer is “well, my mate’s car got broken into last week and there were these travellers staying up the lane and…rant rant rant”.

    I hold down a well paid job with a job title that holds kudos (“Research and Development Manager”), I’ve never received a penny of benefits in 25 years of full time work, pay all my taxes. My father was a director of a blue chip PLC.

    …and we are descended from a traceable line going back at least five generations of hawkers. My grandfather was a bare knuckle boxer and used to trade horses on the slap of a hand. When he died over 200 travellers (I don’t mean the ones with air miles and D & G hand luggage) came to his funeral as he was drawn around his home town in a victorian glass-sided horse drawn hearse. Yes, some travellers are thieving sods – most are not.

    ..and don’t get me started on my Polish step-father – another extremely hardworking, decent, honest man who has lived here since 1941 but still gets idiots accuse him, under their breath, of “these eastern european immigrants – it’s the bloody EU they’re letting all the buggers take our jobs” (actually it was Hitler, they gassed 6 members of his family and he came here with the British Army).

    Racism is racism and there’s just no excuse for it. The BNP want to go back to a world where we’re all white anglo-saxons and house prices are measured in the 100s of pounds. The next step is putting women back in their place (no doubt with a well placed slap) and reinstating hanging for anti-social behaviour.

    That day has been and gone – for at least 30 years – and it should never come back.

    [Sorry for the long comment – it seems to be my day for these! Grrrr]

  2. sungirltan Says:

    thanx ian – im confident im not alone tho with this one. the bnp folk are lunatics x

  3. Pete Says:

    It’s terrible how stupid and ignorant people’s views are, but I have to say, I think I blame main stream politics. For years politicians have done less and less to engage with people, they’ve too less and less notice, invested less and less time at grassroots level, they’ve became out of touch with reality. So then the BNP come along and talk to them, they don’t reason or do anything complicated, they most often appeal to the slightly less educated element of society, they put forward this “solution” this rhetoric, and people buy into it. But the only reason their is this hole is because the gutter press feed the rhetoric, and the main parties fail to engage with that section of the electorate. That and the fact that the three main parties will say very little on the percieved problems with immigration for fear of being called either too soft or racist, yet the media blows every crime involving an immigrant out of proportion, so people get scared, and the leeches in the BNP take advantage of the void that exists with the main parties. Luckily they seem to have stalled this time round.

  4. sungirltan Says:

    yes quite x

  5. M Says:

    The whole idea of “England for the English” is a bit rediculous. What makes a “pure” Englishman?
    History tells us that (at the very least), from the 5th Century AD until around the 10th we were “anglo saxon” (decendents of the 3 tribes, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes (Who would have originated in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark)) speaking Germanic languages which eventually became “old English”… – this was then mixed up with the coming of vikings from Scandinavia, the Normans from France… The Romans et al… and this is discounting that a lot of pre-Christian history maybe hasn’t been retained… so the very idea of a “pure” Englishman is a misconception. And then we have the Empire building of the British…
    Which I’m sure means that the genetics of “Englishness” is shared the world around.
    And Ironically, genetically, many immigrants may be more “English” genetically than the people trying to force them out of the country…
    The whole world is crazy.

  6. sungirltan Says:

    m – yup. and according to my sources he may have been fibbing about the footie. loser!

  7. Midnight Says:

    It is indeed worrying that seemingly well educated people can fall for the propoganda that these morons distribute. The comforting thing is that other than in targetted seats in racially divided hotspots, they never influence a significant proportion of the electorate. I think we English need to focus on creating a national identity that celebrates ‘Englishness’ before the mentality seen when football fans travel abroad spreads too far.

  8. sungirltan Says:

    def with on on that midnight x

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