Its my law exam this afternoon. I got another assessment back today…and passed!! Only 3 to go now. The mock law exam was really quite easy so i’m not too stressed about today. That leaves my Social Policy paper (yawn…) and my final portfolio for my practice learning (you know the fun part with the downs people). Can’t believe the year whizzed past so fast.


4 Responses to “Eeeeeek…”

  1. Amylou Says:

    Hurrah for passing another assessment. Good Luck for your exam this arvo.xx

  2. punctuation Says:

    A year, already! Does this mean you’re soon to be a fully-qualified black belt-wearing ninja social worker type or do you have more hoops to go through?

  3. sungirltan Says:

    easy tiger i have another 2 years!

  4. Beachhutman Says:

    Hey, go you!
    *feeling excluded by password posts*

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