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Wish you were here….

June 4, 2007

sandcastle.jpgSo i have been having my enforced little holiday between uni ending (v stressful week indeed) and starting temping next week for the summer. So C and I went to Dawlish for the day which is a bit like Butlins without a big fence around it.
This is what i spent all afternoon making. Notice mine and nipper’s matching poses….

We also had a spare even littler nipper with us courtesy of a very busy mum. I gave it my best Posh Beckham look (does this baby make me look fat??). Couldn’t help noticing all the looks you get when people think you’re a single mum (it goes like this – look at SGT, notice buggy and or toddler attached to hip, check out left hand for a ring, find nothing, sneer and think they haven’t noticed).