A book at not just bed time.

C is having sleepless nights. Mostly due to late pregnancy boredom. PLEASE BRING ME BACK SOMETHING TO READ, she pleaded when i went up to my folks at the weekend. I returned with Small Island and Brick Lane, which are on our summer reading list for uni and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, which, if you don’t know is a novel written from the standpoint of an autistic teenager. Mum sent it out to me in America in 04 because she thought it was so amazing. I read it and loved it and gave it straight to H who also enthused on its briliance. I left behind all my paperbacks after camp but i couldn’t part with that one.
It’s having a similar effect on C. She confessed the other day ‘my sister and my mum were here earlier and all i could think was that i wished they’d hurry up and leave so i could read my book’. This also extends to me. I took some hair dye down last night so she didnt have to waddle up to superdrug. C opened the door with it still in her hand and said ‘right i’ve got to finish this chapter before i can even talk to you im afraid’. So i sloped off to find little nipper instead. I found her in the bath talking to a plastic fish named Ben.

5 Responses to “A book at not just bed time.”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    Hehe i love a book that’s like that! I just read Chocolat and it’s WONDERFUL

    didn’t think much of Brick Lane though

  2. sungirltan Says:

    oooh i just read there is a sequel out to Chocolat called um….The Lollipop Shoes…dont be missing it xxx

  3. Pete Says:

    I love books like that. I don’t think the people around me do tho, as I do just the same, we’ll be going out and I read till the last min, pop it in my bag, get it straight out again in the car and ignore everyone.

  4. sungirltan Says:

    he he. iv not read a book like that for a long time x

  5. nikki Says:

    curious incident is a great book. but look who you’re talking to 🙂

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