Single and Fabulous. (no question mark)

My first week post uni has been educational in another way. My fog about alot of things has lifted. I admit i now know the following:

1. Stress is about 90% tiredness.
2. Stress can lead to bad decisions (i will try anything if i think it may somehow alleviate the stress)
3. Whatever it (alright he) is will more than likely add to the problem.
4. If i went to bed earlier and spent more time dispelling stress instead of pursuing relationships i’d probably have no stress.

I spent alot of this year believing that due to my age etc and my friends starting to trickle down the settled route that if i found a partner and started putting down roots that i would be happier. Now i’ve had time to breathe for a change i realise with alarming clarity that this is not the case at all. I’m just not ready. I’m too selfish and i’m not ashamed about that. My near future aspirations include doing really well at uni and buying a nice flat on the barbican and filling it with cool stuff. Including expensive shoes. I also want to work abroad for a while because its easy to get short term contracts doing social work so why the hell not? I want to travel during my summer break next year and plan to save a bit during this year since i wont have time to spend any money!
I’ve had C’s little treasure all weekend. We had a v lovely time going to the Spring Watch roadshow and swimming and the park etc etc. She keeps me young and i love her company BUT by the end of each weekend i’m v aware that i’m not ready to have my own child. I value my own time far too much and i cant give it up yet.

All of these things are barriers to relationships but i know now thats its ok. Its not time yet.

I’m happy as i am xxxxx

4 Responses to “Single and Fabulous. (no question mark)”

  1. onestepbeyond Says:

    Good for you. I’m not!

  2. sungirltan Says:

    i know. i just read all you new blogs. love xxx

  3. Pete Says:

    Hey you! I think you’re wise, and I never want to hear the words “due to my age” as you’re barely any older than me, and I’m certainly not ready for that either. Once you go the settled route and esspecially when you have a kid, it’s so much of the good selfish fun over with, geeze. You have plenty of time for all that further down the line.

  4. punctuation Says:

    Don’t get me started on the perils of relationships….. Grrrr.. [writes on back of hand: to do, blog about recent developments in relationships, again]

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