I have dropped back down to 8st 11. Which considering all the EATING i have been doing lately is a problem.
I am waiting to hear about a job which i really want.
Weather is shit.
I’m really bored.
Stupid flatmate came in at 2am and screamed for an hour and a half. At her MOTHER!
I really need a job.


10 Responses to “Hmmmm”

  1. LondonGirl Says:

    I really can’t empathise with the weight loss thing – this is my continual aim. But I really need a job too.

  2. Matt Says:

    weather has been shit

  3. Bart Says:

    A trip to South Africa will kill the bordem, you wont be wanting a job when you on holiday, and it will cost enough that you wont have enough money to stuff your face, so that Diet taking care of as well… I should charge you for this good advice…

  4. sungirltan Says:

    BART! what a name!!
    if you want to pay for me to come SA then you go right ahead. i’ll even be your pa while i’m there xxx

  5. punctuation Says:

    Hussy 😉

  6. sungirltan Says:

    i do know him Ian!!

  7. Pete Says:

    I wish I’d known you were bored! I was gonna call you (and not scream about my mother!) when I was sat up on a rock gazing over the world one evening. Sorry to hear you’re still losing weight! xx

  8. avssblondie Says:

    Have you been to the doctors? Sounds like it could be an over active thyroid x

  9. sungirltan Says:

    omg amie!! have i got a story for you!!!!

  10. avssblondie Says:

    Tell all!! I text you the other day but you never replied! 😦 xx

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