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Sun stroke….

July 30, 2007

Wel l it must have been for me to get this stupidly excited…

Me: (approaching an Orange employee) Hello, can you look at my account please and tell me what my upgrade options are because my phone is falling to bits?

Wayne: Yes…..Ooooh you are band 5!! You can upgrade to any handset you like free of charge.

Me: (so high pictched i may have only been audible to dogs) Reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllly!!!!!! Wow!!!!

Wayne: Yes really..any ideas on what you might like?

Me: A girly phone…oooooooooooooooooh!! Can i have the Prada phone???

Wayne: Indeedy.

Me: (insert v high pitched squeaky noise conveying utter joy).

Wayne: *wonders who this nutter is and if she’s on drugs*

Seriously…i’m embarrased about how happy this phone made me!

Re: New baby Andre….

July 24, 2007

Princess Tiamii???

Is she off her head??


(in the style of Reese Witherspoon in Legally blonde) MEEEEE!!!!!!!

July 20, 2007

I recieved my uni transcript today of my results for my first year.

Yeah baby yeah!!!! Is all i’m saying xx

In the Navy…..

July 20, 2007

I went to the Naval Ball last night. It was quite an expereince. Without wishing to offend anyone…..Sailors are geeks! Well they are either enourmously fat OR gangly. Many have accents so posh you can’t understand them – in the style of tim Nice But dim from Harry Enfield. Wrens on the other hand………favour cake shaped dresses in Quality Street colours. Not saying a word. Prior to arrival I was a bit self concious I was overdressed in my silk and lace tea dress. I was wrong!

Socially it was a bit odd. My date’s chums (all boys) wre v nice to me, as were all the officers etc (except for being quite surprised that I am a Social Worker and that i dont just stand about looking decorative for a living) however during the whole evening one wren came and said hello. One. The rest were a bit snarly. Actually alot to the point where I thought i must be imaginging it until my date said ‘I can’t believe them – i feel really bad but i’m not sure what to do about it!’ Bless him.

Just an inbetweener……

July 17, 2007

Before normal service resumes in August.

Since the last post I have……..

Been temping at a Building Consultants (yes it is that interesting). The chaps there think I am quite novel. Its quite fun in a random sort of way.

Been eating Japanese food under duress. The lobster was quite nice but the sushi was a bit bland. I was v shocked at the bill but wasn’t paying.

Been watching the new Harry Potter flick – a bit depressing, like the book.

Been making fancy dress costumes out of recycling bags. Little nipper won the contest too!! I like to think it was the cardboard wings i made that clinched the deal.

Flirted extensively with the military (ok thats nothing new)

And dropped back to 8st 9″. I give up

But had an excellent haircut at Toni and Guy – yes i always go there but normal haridresser was on holiday. Replacement was much better – i have mutinied. I feel slightly guilty.

So what have i missed??

Goodbye Dolly

July 16, 2007

My dog died this afternoon. She was old lady. Her heart stopped in a field, running in the long grass.


July 13, 2007

‘ring me back you old tart. i need advice on hair and women in that order’ has to be the best voicemail i’ve had in a while.

A little too late?

July 9, 2007

Live Earth was all that. I did cry a few times though watching all the footage of the planet being destroyed and all the amazing things out there we have to try and save – if you have ever seen anything like the Barrier Reef then this seems heartbreaking to me.

My highlights were;

James Blunt singing Wild World, Foo Fighters, David Gray dueting with Damien Rice, Kasabian (who i’d never seen/heard before – like a baby Oasis i was most impressed!!), Black Eyed Peas \and surprisingly PussyCat Dolls – who I HATE – but they did a good show and must have been knackered by the end of it!!

Whilst in the queue for food i managed to miss Metallica, Corrine Bailey Rae and Keane (grrr).

Snow Patrol and Razorlight were so so. Bloc Party – sorry just dont get it/them.

Chilli – i know i cant slag them off but well- they look a bit old now!!!

Madonna – the jury is still out.

As far as new Wembley goes – there still arn#t enough toilets and it takes hours to get a beer/burger.


July 2, 2007
  • Since I am moving in with Mama C for the next 7.5 weeks blogging may be fairly limited so here is a news round up.
  • I found a gorgeous studio flat to live in from August. No more sharing the kitchen with scumbags and permanent sleep deprivation (see my Flatmates From Hell posts). It even has a washer dryer and a double bed. I shall be in 7th heaven and also get some work done!!
  •  I got a summer job working on a playscheme for learning disabled children just over the water from Plymouth. I am v excited about it but its not full time so I need to find some more hours which is a pain but its another little step toward my career of choice which is Special Needs.
  • I’m going to Live Earth at the shiny new Wembley Stadium at the weekend.
  • I’m going to a Naval Ball and have a really posh dress for it.
  • Meanwhile there have been several blasts from the past lately which have turned my life upside down and inside out but not all in a negative way but I will elaborate on these at another time.
  • I hope you are all well and good and DRY!!
  • love x