• Since I am moving in with Mama C for the next 7.5 weeks blogging may be fairly limited so here is a news round up.
  • I found a gorgeous studio flat to live in from August. No more sharing the kitchen with scumbags and permanent sleep deprivation (see my Flatmates From Hell posts). It even has a washer dryer and a double bed. I shall be in 7th heaven and also get some work done!!
  •  I got a summer job working on a playscheme for learning disabled children just over the water from Plymouth. I am v excited about it but its not full time so I need to find some more hours which is a pain but its another little step toward my career of choice which is Special Needs.
  • I’m going to Live Earth at the shiny new Wembley Stadium at the weekend.
  • I’m going to a Naval Ball and have a really posh dress for it.
  • Meanwhile there have been several blasts from the past lately which have turned my life upside down and inside out but not all in a negative way but I will elaborate on these at another time.
  • I hope you are all well and good and DRY!!
  • love x

4 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. Pete Says:

    Good news on the job! Glad to hear it! x

  2. M Says:

    Echoing Pete’s congratulations here. Well done! Good news!

  3. avssblondie Says:

    What happened with next idiot!!?? I hope it all went well but im dying to know what happened x

  4. Midnight Says:

    Little steps lead to huge strides. Hope you have a ball in all aspects!

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