A little too late?

Live Earth was all that. I did cry a few times though watching all the footage of the planet being destroyed and all the amazing things out there we have to try and save – if you have ever seen anything like the Barrier Reef then this seems heartbreaking to me.

My highlights were;

James Blunt singing Wild World, Foo Fighters, David Gray dueting with Damien Rice, Kasabian (who i’d never seen/heard before – like a baby Oasis i was most impressed!!), Black Eyed Peas \and surprisingly PussyCat Dolls – who I HATE – but they did a good show and must have been knackered by the end of it!!

Whilst in the queue for food i managed to miss Metallica, Corrine Bailey Rae and Keane (grrr).

Snow Patrol and Razorlight were so so. Bloc Party – sorry just dont get it/them.

Chilli – i know i cant slag them off but well- they look a bit old now!!!

Madonna – the jury is still out.

As far as new Wembley goes – there still arn#t enough toilets and it takes hours to get a beer/burger.

4 Responses to “A little too late?”

  1. M Says:

    I caught bits of it; but not enough to really comment on acts; but on your title “a little too late?” – quite possibly. We’ve known about the problems with the world over the past 20 years (or so) and it’s only now we’re really panicing about it and going “oh my god, we must save everything”

    It’s a all a bit butterfly effect-y, and we’ve already set a chain of events in motion with our actions. I’ve no idea whether they can be stopped or, like dominos, whether they’ll go down one after another until our final picture is revealed.

    Catch you later

  2. Pete Says:

    Were you a few places infront of some chaps with a rather large ecuadorian flag, perchance?

    Sounds like an ace day, sorry to hear you missed Keane, but you got to see some great stuff. I was wavering over Madonna, but in the end she got the thumbs up, I rather enjoyed when Madonna did Isla Bonita with Gogol Bordello. I didn’t think too much of the song she wrote for it tho, a bit predictable and formulaic!


  3. avssblondie Says:

    How jealous am I!? how come I never go to things like this? x

  4. Dom Says:

    Metallica were OK on Saturday, they absolutely kicked butt on Sunday, but then I guess the audience was a little different on the two days 🙂

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