Just an inbetweener……

Before normal service resumes in August.

Since the last post I have……..

Been temping at a Building Consultants (yes it is that interesting). The chaps there think I am quite novel. Its quite fun in a random sort of way.

Been eating Japanese food under duress. The lobster was quite nice but the sushi was a bit bland. I was v shocked at the bill but wasn’t paying.

Been watching the new Harry Potter flick – a bit depressing, like the book.

Been making fancy dress costumes out of recycling bags. Little nipper won the contest too!! I like to think it was the cardboard wings i made that clinched the deal.

Flirted extensively with the military (ok thats nothing new)

And dropped back to 8st 9″. I give up

But had an excellent haircut at Toni and Guy – yes i always go there but normal haridresser was on holiday. Replacement was much better – i have mutinied. I feel slightly guilty.

So what have i missed??

2 Responses to “Just an inbetweener……”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hehe, you mutinous young thing you, where’s the picture? 😉 x And well done on those wings.

    Not so much ado here, I looked at some cool exhibitions (which I never blogged, for some reason!) Bought my Nan a 90th birthday present, and realised I’m spending more than I’m earning again! *rolls eyes*


  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    nothing new, as usual! 🙂 xx

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