Sun stroke….

Wel l it must have been for me to get this stupidly excited…

Me: (approaching an Orange employee) Hello, can you look at my account please and tell me what my upgrade options are because my phone is falling to bits?

Wayne: Yes…..Ooooh you are band 5!! You can upgrade to any handset you like free of charge.

Me: (so high pictched i may have only been audible to dogs) Reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllly!!!!!! Wow!!!!

Wayne: Yes really..any ideas on what you might like?

Me: A girly phone…oooooooooooooooooh!! Can i have the Prada phone???

Wayne: Indeedy.

Me: (insert v high pitched squeaky noise conveying utter joy).

Wayne: *wonders who this nutter is and if she’s on drugs*

Seriously…i’m embarrased about how happy this phone made me!


4 Responses to “Sun stroke….”

  1. Matt Says:

    Im guessing you spend a lot on your contract!
    but at least you get the phone you want

  2. M Says:

    You should not be embarrased about getting pleasure, from whatever sources it comes. Besides, Wayne started it all with that preliminary “ooooooh” – that’s like a green light to squeals of joy and screams of pleasure.. Mmm. sorry. brain distracted. šŸ™‚

    You have new phone then šŸ™‚
    What is it that this panda one does then that makes it so special ? Mine is pretty beat up but still keeps a charge, lets me call and text and occasionally take photos… what more _is_ there ?


  3. Pete Says:

    I *LOVE* your new phone.
    (and you, of course!)

  4. hannah Says:

    S had the Prada phone and actually went back to his old one after a week because it was pissing him off -it does look cool though! x

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