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In the meantime….

August 20, 2007

My tooth got better thank any divinities you like. Not without moderate suffering. The antibiotics made me barf as usual and the massively strong painkillers made me brusie at the slightest touch so after taking nipper swimming i did infact look like a heroin addict who had been injecting well…everywhere! It was so attractive!

However since i recovered i have managed to eat a bit and gained some weight, some. I seem to be able to maintaqin 8st 7lbs but no more but i guess thats ok for now…..although i would like my boobs back!

I’m moving to the new flat on sunday. I’ve been shopping for new things. The theme is pink and or bright and girly to keep me postive an awake during the next academic year. It has been a success. Asda do a fantastic range of polka dot kitchen items which are cheap as chips and i now have baby pink washing up bowl and dish drainer – who knew they existed!!

Regular playscheme has finished for the summer – i will miss the kids until half term v much indeed. Little monkeys. We had a huge water fight on the last day. They drowned me with excessive glee. I would post a photo of SGT in a sopping wet hoodie with her sunglasses on to hide the streaky make up but thankfully – there isnt one!! he he.

Invalided Out (AGAIN!!)

August 8, 2007

Anyone who read my old 20six blog back in the day may remember the root canal surgery from hell – in short it was 2 weeks off work and 18 dental appointments so far to fix 1 tooth (yes really).  Well that was April 2005….all well and good until Saturday when I had a little twinge which turned into a big twinge then a big pain then a big nightmare.

This time around I cut out the middle man and went straight to A and E to request the coedine and anti biotics in order to survive what I expect to be quite excruciating repair work at the dentist this afternoon. However I never react v positively to strong medication so as predicted the drugs knocked me out all day yesterday except for the half a jigsaw I managed with little nipper at about 8am! Also as predicted the anti biotics made me violently sick by Eastenders time and then after that I coudlnt lift my head off the pillow. Its great being me!

I am somewhat revived today though and am attempting to go to work – mostly because I will be lonely at home and not lonely at work with the kids even if i can’t dash around that much.

Hoping that you are all healthier than I!

Love and other catastrophies….

August 7, 2007

There is something in the air at present. My bloke mates are suffering at the hands of women left right and centre. I’ve had many an anguished chat with one who said i quote ‘its finally happened – i’ve been played!!’ He has – no other word for it!

Secondly I spent sunday afternoon with BNP boy (the friendship just recovered from that admission back in May) listening to him angst about how his v clingy gf just wont leave him alone for 5 minutes and how its driving him to insanity. We drank some beer and watched the football and during this time he had at least 10 texts from her demanding to know what he was up to culminating in a phone call that went like this (yes i did laugh)

Mad gf: What are you doing?

BNPB: Nothing much.

Mad gf: I can hear you walking – where are you going?

BNPB: Shop.

Mad gf: Why?????

BNPB: Cos i need stuff??

Mad gf: Why what do you need?


And so on……

Thirdly last night I had a text from last year work colleague ‘I know this is a bit out of the blue but i need your advice’ Me: ‘ok – well ring if you like’ Ring ring….

LYWC: I’ve got myself into a right pickle this time T.

Me: Right but are you busy just now?


Me: Good can you take me to A and E please and I shall dispense advice – my tooth is about to explose i think.

LYWC: Be there in 10……………………..By the way my wife has a lesbian lover…..I’m not sure what to do.

Why I love the itsy weenies…

August 3, 2007

I have been palying alot of Pop Up Pirate at playscheme. Yesterday I had this conversation with Lousie* aged 5.

L: I love the little swords. He He….I could cut off your head!!

Me: Ah yes but I could cut off your nose.

L: Oh that would be ok because then I wouldnt have any bogeys!!!

Talk amongst yourselves..I may be sometime….

August 2, 2007

But the news in brief is:

  • Working at the playschmes is brilliant.
  • The weather in Plymouth today is shit.
  • I am now 8st 6ils. Apparently this makes my BMI 19.8 which is still ok.
  • My hair needs cutting again and its nowhere near 6 weeks since I was last at T&G. Grrr.
  • I’m glad that smocks in the shops are getting shorter (i am only wee)
  • But i’ll be glad when sale time is over and Drake Circus isn’t a giant jumble sale.