Invalided Out (AGAIN!!)

Anyone who read my old 20six blog back in the day may remember the root canal surgery from hell – in short it was 2 weeks off work and 18 dental appointments so far to fix 1 tooth (yes really).  Well that was April 2005….all well and good until Saturday when I had a little twinge which turned into a big twinge then a big pain then a big nightmare.

This time around I cut out the middle man and went straight to A and E to request the coedine and anti biotics in order to survive what I expect to be quite excruciating repair work at the dentist this afternoon. However I never react v positively to strong medication so as predicted the drugs knocked me out all day yesterday except for the half a jigsaw I managed with little nipper at about 8am! Also as predicted the anti biotics made me violently sick by Eastenders time and then after that I coudlnt lift my head off the pillow. Its great being me!

I am somewhat revived today though and am attempting to go to work – mostly because I will be lonely at home and not lonely at work with the kids even if i can’t dash around that much.

Hoping that you are all healthier than I!

3 Responses to “Invalided Out (AGAIN!!)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yep I’m feeling fine, shame for you doesn’t sound like its been much fun at all!
    hope you get it sorted quick and with least pain possible.

  2. Pete Says:

    😦 I hope the procedure went better than you expected, Tan. xxx

  3. Beachhutman Says:

    Brave you are. I can’t cope with fang failure at all.

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