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In the meantime….

August 20, 2007

My tooth got better thank any divinities you like. Not without moderate suffering. The antibiotics made me barf as usual and the massively strong painkillers made me brusie at the slightest touch so after taking nipper swimming i did infact look like a heroin addict who had been injecting well…everywhere! It was so attractive!

However since i recovered i have managed to eat a bit and gained some weight, some. I seem to be able to maintaqin 8st 7lbs but no more but i guess thats ok for now…..although i would like my boobs back!

I’m moving to the new flat on sunday. I’ve been shopping for new things. The theme is pink and or bright and girly to keep me postive an awake during the next academic year. It has been a success. Asda do a fantastic range of polka dot kitchen items which are cheap as chips and i now have baby pink washing up bowl and dish drainer – who knew they existed!!

Regular playscheme has finished for the summer – i will miss the kids until half term v much indeed. Little monkeys. We had a huge water fight on the last day. They drowned me with excessive glee. I would post a photo of SGT in a sopping wet hoodie with her sunglasses on to hide the streaky make up but thankfully – there isnt one!! he he.