Somebody stop me…

Have you ever been so angry about something you thikn you might do something really stupid??

I found out recently that a fling I had earlier this year got married in February. About 2/3 months before we last hooked up.

I feel sick.

Especially as I just saw their wedding photos on FaceBook.

I found out because he started texting me again recently – more so after I told him I was happy with Sailor.

And asking for those kind of photos (declined).

Do you know what your husband is doing right now?

10 Responses to “Somebody stop me…”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    i won’t stop you i’m afraid… what a tosser

  2. punctuation Says:

    Blimey, some people really are shallow aren’t they? He should try and remember that the whole point about marriage is it is a COMMITMENT. Clearly not a word he understands. I may be purely filthy (and receive ‘those kind of pictures’ mwuhaha) but at least I’m not married and had the decency to wait until I wasn’t before I unleashed the evil philanderer side of me on weak-willed ladies. It’s his wife I feel sorry for because I assume it’s only a matter of time before he absolutely breaks her heart. 😦

  3. blue soup Says:

    some people are disgusting. I can imagine Beardy pulling a stunt like that.

  4. amillionpieces Says:

    What a swine. Unfair on wife and on you, disgusting behaviour!

  5. Matt Says:

    If you were her would you want to know?

  6. M Says:

    He deserves everything he has coming to him.

  7. sungirltan Says:

    matt – honestly i dont know!!
    m – well quite but does she??

  8. Midnight Says:

    Whatever happened, was in good faith on your part. It’s a pity that some people abuse trust, but unfortunately a fact of life. At least you can hold your head up high, the other party is … well you know. Lucky escape?

  9. sungirltan Says:

    midnight – facts of the matter are that i was never emotionally involved with recently married man. i dont feel down that he chose smeone else or anything like that…we used to be good mates back in the day and what transpired from that was as you say ‘in good faith’..something i didnt ever over think or angst about but now thats all upside down and worst case scenario would be me being named in thier divorce papers – with good reason!

  10. Matt Says:

    Someone once mentioned if your named in divorce papers you could be fiscally liable on some level. No idea if it’s true or not!

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