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I’d love to stay here and be normal. But it’s just so overated.

October 12, 2007

I have bounced back a bit I think from earlier periods of gloom. My uni placement is going v well so far (not wanting to tempt fate). I have been doing a training course on internet safety and social networking sites with the police. Nothing I didn’t already know except this Bebo site is number one if you are a paedophile. I went marching round to C’s on the way home to announce that little nipper and my god daughter were never having their own computers ever and that was final. You would too.

Meanwhile I went out last night with my Much Younger Friends. It was most amusing. We scared a few boys alot. One of MYF’s boyfriends tried to set me up with a recently dumped, depressed boy. I said ‘Er no!! Baggage!!!!’ I was proud of myself.
I did see some quite hot scruffy band types though and relished in new singleness!