Heartbreak and Harmony

Dad gave me a letter on Monday which I didn’t read until today.  This side of my family have always written each other long letters filled with all our life philosophies and hopes and fears. Pops is pretty hot on this self reflection idea.

He’s written pages about the details of his new life in Zagreb and his gf’s family history. I know he does this in case he never gets the chance to tell me before its too late. He loves it there though and I’m so happy for him.

A letter from Dad wouldn’t be complete without his two favourite subjects; disproving the existence of god and how much he hates the Conservative Party.

Re God; Dad’s defining moment of this was seeing a display in a museum of a human skeleton next to ape ones and how this proves that Darwin’s theory of evolution is impossible to discount. He’d told this story my whole life but he never mentioned until Sunday that it was right here in Plymouth ‘oh yes dear its in the City Museum on Drake Circus!’. I went to see t on Friday. I’d been in there several times before but I didn’t know what I was looking at. Seems rather epic that the skeletons have stood there for 60 years at least because Dad lived in Plymouth when my sisters were babies born in Freedom Fields hospital.

He left me with a quote from Nye Bevan ‘The affairs of modern man are too complex to be left to private venture’ and launched into the accompanying rant against the Tories.  (Sometimes I realise where I get all this from – theres no doubt in the world he’s my Dad!!)

“‘The modern conservative is engaged upon on of the oldest exercises in moral philosophy, that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness’ (John Kenneth Galbraith) I was appalled at the big swing from Labour to Conservative when the cons promised to abolish inheritance tax below the millionaire mark. It shows how ignorant people are about politics. They cannot read any social history and be aware of how the tories have fought against countless improvements that we now take for granted. The thought of another tory government is appalling.”

Yes Dad – I’d have to agree.

He’s also written for the first time that he’s ready to die because he’s had a good life. We never ever thought he’d be able to say that. Life begins at 80 it would seem.



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