Face Off!

Sailor changed his relationship status on FaceBook. It was on single. Then before I looked I had the good sense to just remove him from my friends list.

When we were together he wouldn’t put ‘in a relationship’ he said he didn’t want his major ex to know all about his business. At the time I just accepted that. After all its just a website – I’d met his family and best friends – I don’t think he was juggling other women.

Now it just makes me feel like I was some gross embarrassment to him.



3 Responses to “Face Off!”

  1. blue soup Says:

    Gagh! Bloody Facebook!!!

  2. Dom Says:

    You sure he hasn’t just changed it so that it no longer shows? My ex did that and it came up with ‘… is no longer single’. Made my heart drop as it was just a couple of days after the split. Turned out she’d just removed relationship status completely.

  3. sungirltan Says:

    i dunno/dont need to know do xx

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