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All you good good people…

January 20, 2008

Ok so Pinky wins the metaphorical prize. Paul and I got engaged last week. And planned ALOT.

After alot of thought I decided not to blog everything about the event and why and how and everything. That moment was ours alone.

I saved it up because I felt that I/We had to tell alot of people personally before we just broadcast it to the world. I think we covered everybody before I posted this. If I know you personally and I didn’t text/call then I’m sorry – but I have probably tried to.

Moving on to important details:

  • About 98% of people we told were thrilled. 2% to be detailed in a later entry but feel free to guess.
  • No one was particularly surprised.
  • Little Nipper was the most delighted of all, mostly because P is now officially her ‘sort of Uncle’ (yes, she is a very rewarding child)
  • Wedding next summer depending on a few things, Who am i kidding, one thing.
  • On a beach abroad, party in Plymouth when we get back.
  • No mereingues whatsover.
  • Or bridesmaids, sorry.
  • There might be a cake.
  • I’m not sure what else I am expected to cover so make a list if you like……

Yes, I do have a big rock!! Will post a photo sometime but amillionpieces has seen it.