Meanwhile in quarantine….

  • Platinum scratches! The underneath of my shiny ring is now less than shiny.
  • I cannot do anything except read and watch telly.
  • Daytime telly is so dull and patronising. I’ve even gone off Fearn and  Phill.
  • Ex cept this Animal Park thing which is amazing. There were baby sealions today.
  • For the very 1st time in my life i wish i had sky. I want to watch films not crap lifestyle junk telly.
  • I brought over Paul’s laptop a while back. I might have died without it!! (I can’t sit up for v long at a time – too weak)
  • Tomorrow i plan to spend most of the day psyching myself up to try and get in the shower again. Rock n rool.
  • This disease is screwing up uni like you can’t imagine but right now i dont even care.
  • I’ve been given/sent 4 lots of flowers and some chocolates. I may not have my health but i could never claim i’m not loved!!

4 Responses to “Meanwhile in quarantine….”

  1. amillionpieces Says:

    Yeah daytime tv is the worstest. Hope you can manage the shower thing later! x

  2. nikki Says:

    you are amazing! i love finding myself with a moment or two and catching up on your life!!!! you know i will be in london from feb 15-23? kiwi said anyone who wants to can stay with him!


  3. Dom Says:

    Even with Sky daytime TV can be pretty dire. What you need is Sky+ so you can record good TV and then watch it in the daytime 🙂

  4. Matt Says:

    yep sky movies are sucky during the day.
    hope your feeling little better

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