Further intermission….

Day to day stuff

1. Explain the word “Predictate” that SGT wrote in her blog me me of 12.02.08.

‘to make an affirmation or assertion’ ‘To base or establish (a statement or action, for example): I predicated my argument on the facts.’

2. You’re a super hero, what are your secret powers.

Slowing down and speeding up time.

3. When was the last chair you gave up for some one else.

Probably on the bus sinceI do it almost daily but if not then if we have a visitor at work or such like.

4. Would President SGT be a fair ruler?

Yes! But most conservative voters would hate me and try and arrange to have me killed. In SGT’s Britain, being a single mum would be a badge of honour, genuine asylum seekers would be welcomed, as would EU workers with useful skills. Gap years would be compulsory. Custodial sentances would be extended for sex offenders. All children must be accomodated in an educational institution, LEA would be prosecuted otherwise. I could go on and on……

5. Which group company do you prefer: Only men, only women or only children?

Children if i have to choose.

6. The last time you witnessed serious crime and not reported it?


Mad stuff

7. Do you talk to your reflection in the mirror?

Of course I do.

8. Your maddest thought ever?

I belive celebrity endorsements. Only sometimes but i did eat weetabix for ages because Jordan does and i obeyed loads of posh spice’s book.

9. Do your voices ever have a “good point” with some of their views?


10. Do the voices have a social conscience?

You have met me right?

11. Which would make better holiday reps? Pigs, Sheep or Ducks?

Ducks naturally. They know what its like to have lots of littluns.

Boy stuff

12. What’s your grossest daily grooming habit?

I dunno. Doing my bikini line?

13. Does large stereos in boys cars make you want to jump straight into bed with the driver?

No it doesn’t, quite the opposite. Infact the merest hint of a Kenwood sticker makes me want to padlock my chastitiy belt!

14. How many times has a boy told you that “SGT” is the abbreviation for “Sergeant”?

One. It was you! Obviously I knew that already though. You so don’t get it.

15. Was that an intentional double meaning?

No! Its customary in blog circles to use acronyms.

Relationship stuff

16. Have you decided yet how to Ink/brand your future husband?

Yes but he wont comply.

17. After: “will be sexually faithful” what would come next in a relationship contract/rulebook?

No inviting contact with mad exes/jealous girls who hate me etc (yes theres a blog entry all of its own there!)

18. Is it ok for the girl to buy the guy flowers?

Of course.

19. And what colour should/would they be?

Whatever you like but id try and choose something cheery.

20. Deep fried wasps/flies in yer chips…..a put off?



5 Responses to “Further intermission….”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    SGT’s just soooo doesnt realise she is in fact so far left….she’s found her self having right wing views!

  2. amillionpieces Says:

    The idea of a deep fried wasp is terrible, it may have emotionally scarred me.

    p.s) Ah, I’m a bit of a conservative and I quite agree with a surprising amount of President Tan’s ideas, I may even let her on my board of advisers after the coup 😉

  3. Dave59r Says:

    I to am a strong conservative as well and President SGT’s ideas appealed to me to…..right winger in sheeps clothing me thinks!!

    As for the deep fried wasp….any chip shop lover will almost certainly of had one at sometime in their lives!! yum yum 🙂

  4. sungirltan Says:

    paul ffs its ‘too’.

    how are my ideas conservative?? they are just a bit forceful thats all.

    i was thinking about courts bring lenient to celebs…i think if they get caught with drugs or whatever or drink driving they should be punished by having to make huge donations to rehab charities.

  5. Dave59r Says:

    “conservative” meaning to resist change…..we’ll your views there could be victorian? 😉 xx

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