I have a blog bottleneck at present but since my beloved needs a blog fix here is a me me donated kindly by amillionpieces, who nicked it from me in the first place…does that make it post ironic recycling?? He he.

-Today Did You-

1. Talk to someone you like? Yes one and lots of people I feel quite ambiguous about.

2. Learn anything new? Yes, well I had a few exisitng views confirmed and strengthened by a lecture about lone parenting (but thats another blog). I learned some Marxist philliosophy from the ghostly lecturer. Quote of the day is ‘Money is the predictate of human endevour and not human endevour the predictate of money’

3. Talk to an ex? No, not one. since this engagement business they seem to have dropped off the radar. Funny that!

4. Miss someone? Yes, very much.

-Last Person Who-

5. Layed in your bed? My beloved.

6. Made you cry? My father. Directly, indirectly and on a daily basis at present. 

7.Went to the movies with you?  My mother. We watched The Kite Runner. Actually maybe it was Paul to see I am Legend.8. Went to the mall with you? My mum on Sunday.

9. You showered with? Ha ha. Paul, its a dialy ritual!

10. Who Made you laugh? One of the MYF’s on Saturday. She said ‘its a relative thing, she’s the fattest person I know. By the way SGT thats a direct quote.’ Me ‘really? of who? MYF ‘you!!!’

11. Said they loved you? Paul and before that the MYFs.

-General stuff-

16. Favorite location? I’m not that fussy really, in the pub/restaurant with any of my friends, at home with Paul.

17. Tattoos? One, pair of swallows on my back.

18. What are you most scared of right now? Collecting my Appraising Social Research marks.

19. Where do you want to get married? Somewhere nice in Plymouth where the people I like can share it with me.

20. Who do you like? Most people as long as they are polite to me.

21. Does anyone like you right now? I should hope so!

22. Do you like being around people? No not always if I’m being frank. I need my space.

23. Have you ever cried? See above.

24. Are you lonely right now? Yeh a bit.

25. Song stuck in your head right now? The Cardigans ‘Dont blame your daughter’

26. Been on radio/TV? Nope.

28. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap? Who hasn’t? As i get a bit older and wiser though i realise that the tragedy isn’t that someone treats you badly but its that you allow them to.

29. Do you wish you knew what question 29 was, but someone before you removed it? If I was a bit more awake I’d rewrite question 29 but maybe someone could nominate it for me?

30. What color shirt are you wearing right now? I’m not, im wearing a stretchy black vest and a black velour juicy couture hoodie.

31. Name three things that you do every day? Straighten my hair, put my eyeliner on, stare at my engagement ring.

32. How much cash do you have on you right now? I think theres a tenner in my wallet.

33. Are you wearing socks? No i hate them.

34. Wish someone was next to you this morning when you woke up? Well obviously!

35. What web site do you visit the most?facebook, hotmail, bbc news, guardian,  ebay.

36. Do you have plants in your room? Yes 3 hyacinths.

37. Does anything hurt on your body right now?  My legs ache.


2 Responses to “Intermission…”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    Hmmm….like “me me” thing….standby for me me from the far side…..


  2. Dave59r Says:

    Day to day stuff

    1. Explain the word “Predictate” that SGT wrote in her blog me me of 12.02.08.

    2. You’re a super hero, what are your secret powers.

    3. When was the last chair you gave up for some one else.

    4. Would President SGT be a fair ruler?

    5. Which group company do you prefer: Only men, only women or only children?

    6. The last time you witnessed serious crime and not reported it?

    Mad stuff

    7. Do you talk to your reflection in the mirror?

    8. Your maddest thought ever?

    9. Do your voices ever have a “good point” with some of their views?

    10. Do the voices have a social conscience?

    11. Which would make better holiday reps? Pigs, Sheep or Ducks?

    Boy stuff

    12. What’s your grossest daily grooming habit?

    13. Does large stereos in boys cars make you want to jump straight into bed with the driver?

    14. How many times has a boy told you that “SGT” is the abbreviation for “Sergeant”?

    15. Was that an intentional double meaning?

    Relationship stuff

    16. Have you decided yet how to Ink/brand your future husband?

    17. After: “will be sexually faithful” what would come next in a relationship contract/rulebook?

    18. Is it ok for the girl to buy the guy flowers?

    19. And what colour should/would they be?

    20. Deep fried wasps/flies in yer chips…..a put off?

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