Trust me, I’m a Social Worker…

Last year on placement I ended up cutting down trees with mental health service users. I didn’t think I could cut down a tree all by myslef. I was wrong! That must have been one of my most bizarre experiences ever though and I didn’t think I could top that on my course. Well…….

This week I have been working on an art project with the young people who have had codntact with our service. On tuesday we sat on the floor in a disused cooperage at Royal William Yard (will only mean anything to you if you’re from down ‘ere) and drew pictures of magic pants and wrote instructions on how to run away successfully. On wednesday I went to the beach and drew in the sand and made gingerbread men self portraits. Later on we ran around a big field, made a big heart out of glass rope, watched some lambs being born and stand up for the first time, built a house out of planks (i did lots of the hammering myself), made huge cut out signs that spelled ‘missing’ and ‘i’m here’ (the yp’s decided they were thre most iconic statements), watched the sun set into the sea for the first time in years and then finally set fire to the sculptures and watched them burn to the delight of all present.  This morning i have been at a hydrotherapy pool helping with taking photos of the yp’s underwater wearing ballgowns and fairy wings and tracksuits and all sorts.

So yeh i agree with all the cynics, being a social worker is really depressing and all doom, gloom and more doom.


5 Responses to “Trust me, I’m a Social Worker…”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    it sounds like you’re really enjoying what you’re doing. Good on you! 🙂 xx

  2. blue soup Says:

    Sounds great. I bet you’re really good at it. Sounds like you benefit from it just as much as the people you’re working with do!

  3. sungirltan Says:

    bs – yeh you’re right i do – i lost my motivation a bit a few weeks back – too much aggro with uni work etc – this and a few other things have pulled me back in just about xx

  4. sungirltan Says:

    also – for some reason i cant get ur blogs today – the filet lets me only see mine from the office. boo xxx

  5. Dave59r Says:

    Congrats Snookums xx

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