Grumpy Old Woman

Yes I am getting old but ~I need to vent.

  • I think the Brits were crap this year. Why do they time delay and edit it? Stuff going wrong/controversial IS the entertainment. I’m bored of TT and Kylie winning awards year after year. Its BORING. Jesus who was the stylist this year?! Leona Lewis looked like a cross between a quality street chocolate and a fat drag queen. Less is more! Even though they are cheesy pop i’d have liked to have seen Girls Aloud win something. They are what they are but they have been WORKING this year and pushing out the singles and selling tabloids. and i love them shamelessly. However….i hated Kate Nash’s singing accent until i heard her talk! She actually sounds like that, so fair enough, carry on with you indiechav anthems. And as for Amy Winehouse…i need a whole new bullet point for her…..
  • Amy’s performances were bettter than i expected and by the second one she’d got control. BUT, performing at the events put enourmous pressure on artists who are functioning well, let alone one struggling with the monsterous demon of addiction. I think Amy is a wonderful, talented artist but she needs to be at home being nurtured and cared for, not at awards ceremeonies and the record company/manager/whoever else who are profiting from her, i think you are very greedy and irresponsible.
  • Celebrity sell outs. Ewan McGegor advertising afteshave. Tony Robinson advertising well everything! I’m dissapointed in you.
  • Oh god. Advertising in general. Why do they abuse language all the time? If its ‘extra free’ what you mean is extra, free’. You can’t say ‘absolutely free’ either it is free of charge or its discounted.
  • People who write public information signs which read ‘work shall commence on….’ No. Its ‘will’. ‘shall’ can only be used after ‘we/i/they/he/she’.

Meanwhile i’ve found a whole new way to wind myself up. You can find it here not only is the journalism prejudiced and irresponsible but the reader comments are scary as hell and shows how racist and bigoted Joe Public is. Which brings me to my number one rant…..


(i’ve had my jacket potato i’m feeling a bit better now he he)


57 Responses to “Grumpy Old Woman”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    I cant leave you a comment about the Brits as ive not even got a TV…..however your abuse of the English langague needs a bit of in-put….

    As you know…English isnt my native tongue so i’ll always feel i am swimming against the flow. However, what if this sign had to meet certain set “Terms, definitions and abbreviations” and that “Shall” has to be used instead of say, “should”??….because in that case “shall” would indeed be appropriate??

    You have the right to tell me to: “shut up and search for mothersday cards”

    Dave x

  2. amillionpieces Says:

    Your doppleganger got on my train again today. I want to know which of you is the evil one. I think from this rant perhaps it’s you 😉

    The Brits need Jarvis Cocker again!

    I hate most advertising too. I don’t mind the more blatant corporate type – Coke, Gap, etc, they just paint a picture. I mind all of this in your face persuasion, someone preaching fake science, or some c-lister telling me I should use that product because they do, etc. For some reason I’m fine with visual advertising, people enjoying the product, etc, it’s just when it gets too the in your face pushiness I wish they’d all get lost.

  3. punctuation Says:

    Oh you said the T word!

    Being someone who is taxed to death – I mean horribly, take-all-my-money-and-they-still-want-more taxed to death – I still have the viewpoint that this is entirely the way that society should be shaped; people like me who, quite frankly, earn obscene amounts of money largely for doing nothing but rampaging through easily-led women and drinking far too much (oh wait, I mean computer programming, ahem) – I should pay lots of tax. This tax paying is for the benefit of all us that live in society – including me. It confers no extra rights to me than someone who is not paying tax. It’s the social obligation of people like me (the haves?) and yes, it does mean that some other people (the have nots? The cannots?) benefit from the payment I received for a website or program I wrote without doing anything at all.

    My sister has just become a foster mother. She has always been on the bread line. The foster agencies contribute various amounts towards her making sure that the kids she fosters have a safe and loving environment to escape to. I cried tears of real pride when she passed the final set of checks and “boards” and got her official approval to go ahead. My taxes go towards that. Even the taxes that I paid (because they forced me) which meant I was left so broke one day I could choose petrol or food. I chose petrol.

    My taxes also go to the unemployed. People on various benefits. War. Political corruption. Political excellence.

    I hate paying any bill – I’d much rather spend it on my usual (well documented) debauchery but whoever and whatever my taxes go to it is right and proper that they do.

    Sneering fools who say “I pay my taxes for people like that” and point some self-righteous finger at an area of society that they feel should be less deserving than another is really missing the point about a civilized humanist point of view – we can’t do things like that. Legislate against abuse of the system – yes. Punish the abusers – yes. But stfu and pay your taxes and be happy that you have the freedom to take that undeserving moral high ground in a country which wants us all to succeed and does not measure people by their direct financial contribution to the national financial wealth. Thinking any other way means the disappearance of everything anything like art for art’s sake and leads us further down the path of hospital services and educational policies that describe people with cancer as “service users” and children as “clients” and descriptions of cancelled school trips to the zoo as “not being cost effective”.

    Please God, save us from all of that.

  4. punctuation Says:

    Oops, that turned into a bit of a rant didn’t it? Sorry Tan. xx

  5. Don’t mention the war, I did once but I think I got away with it « Filth, lies, truth and blame Says:

    […] mention the war, I did once but I think I got away with it Oh dear,  never ever post replies to people’s blogs when you’ve just woken up.  (Tan, I apologise, again). The reply I posted was quite long but […]

  6. Amie Says:

    All I can say is try being in the 40% tax band and having that much of your wages going out! Lets see what your opinion is then! I think it may change 🙂 x

  7. Dave59r Says:

    But there can be beauty in the 40% tax bracket, in that you can afford to get an accountant that allows you to bend the system and pay less while at the same time still being able to whinge about paying too much tax……

    Genius: whingey and loaded!!

  8. sungirltan Says:

    ian – thankyou – im glad its not just me.

    amie *restrains self due to you being a friend of 6 years* – um ok so what your saying is that when i hit the 40% tax bracket i will abandon all my values and instantly think i have divine rights to judge everyone based on their ECONOMIC contribution to society. No, i dont think that will happen actually after I have commited my whole career and most of my spare time to working with areas of society who on average do not pay very much/any tax. (this is not a generalisation, statistically 85% of social work is done with people who live below the poverty line).

  9. punctuation Says:

    Amie – I AM in the 40% tax band – and I pay PAYE tax and self-employed tax and class 2 and class 4 NI contributions plus a percentage of profit (6%) for NI too. I also have to pay 100 percent of the previous year’s tax in *advance* as a down-payment.

  10. sungirltan Says:

    ian im sure you have frequent nightmares about your pennies being spent on jobseekers allowance, income support, working family tax credits, child benefits, state pensions, DLA and *gasp* acoomodating and giving legal aid to *GASP* asylum seekers. honestly i dont know how you sleep at night he he he xxxx

  11. punctuation Says:

    Easy; excessive alcohol, illegal pharmaceuticals and a selection of *very* naughty girls. Feel free to adopt this formula adjusting any of the ingredients to personal taste, level of illegality and perversion. Failing that, a nice cup of hot cocoa.

  12. Dave59r Says:

    Hmmmm….before me and Ian get into a dry humping competition over how much tax we pay (cause obviously 10k last year when I don’t even live in the country would out do him)…..lets think about the deserving peps we have placed in employment: Police, school teachers, road sweepers, etc (firemen are lazy good for nothing scuzbags).

    New subject: Why people whose houses burn down should be allowed to whip the local fire brigade crew that FAILED!

    After all…i can’t quite join you in a chat about spending my money on “excessive alcohol, illegal pharmaceuticals and a selection of *very* naughty girls”….can i now!!

    Dave x

  13. punctuation Says:

    Dave, all it requires is total dedication and the inability to say “no” despite many contra-indications. It helps if you have no shame as well. 😉

    [Ian resists temptation to make comments about dry humping with Dave, rarrrrr]

  14. sungirltan Says:

    ian – well since you find dave ‘repulsively attractive’

  15. punctuation Says:

    Speak for yourself, he’s gorgeous. 🙂

  16. sungirltan Says:

    or is that *gawjus* said in a gruff voice?

  17. Dave59r Says:

    *gawjus*…..said in the same tone as “Fiiiiightin…..and Shhhhaaaggin”

  18. Dave59r Says:

    And thank you Ian

  19. punctuation Says:

    [gruff voice = on]
    You’re welcome gawjus 😉
    [gruff voice = off]

  20. sungirltan Says:

    *really wonders what shes started now*

  21. Dave59r Says:

    Come on SGT….i want discussion on the merits of flogging firemen for not saving homes!!!!… they wouldnt spend all their time sat watching Eastenders and training in the station gyms!!!

    We would have the delight of seeing the fireengines “cruising” the streets during the tea time risk period ready to catch one just as it starts!!!

    There may be nil logic to my insanity but it would make the home owners happy!!

    Tomorrow: “pitbulls, and how you need to of been attacked by a dog as a child to earn a license to own one”

  22. Matt Says:

    Think the will/shall thing is a contractual English reason rather then proper English, When writing contractual documents I was told to use shall rather then will as something to do with being more definitive rather then asking!

    ps yes I have such terrible English it’s almost not my first language

  23. Matt Says:

    & on tax front most of my well off mates don’t pay any tax & only voluntary contribute NI which I was informed as the huge some of 2 pounds something a week. (my mates work off-shore in the oil industry 5weeks on 5 weeks off)

  24. Fabulous Says:

    Gosh yes the brits were grim. Although i did like watching the osbournes. They (for me) were the best bit in it.

  25. punctuation Says:

    I could never sell a fireman.

    Also, the thought of firemen “cruising the streets in their fire engine” has such gawjus connotations of overt and risky prostitutional transactions.

    [sound of slowly revving fire engine, crawling the dimly lit streets]

    [sound of airbrakes]

    “scuse me love, do you want business?”

  26. Dave59r Says:

    Does have a certain seedy connotation about it….perhaps we wouldn’t have to pay them so much (from the taxes we work so hard to give away) for doing nowt??

    But where did the “sell” come into the conversation…..I was on about flogging them, not selling!?

    Or is this a nasty subconscious fantasy of yours Ian??….”Fireman Pimp”?! Guess the progression from that would be a fireman brothel with you as the madam (or station chief perhaps)….I know that for a lot of my girlie friends it would beat shopping for shoes!!

    …..and then they could all be flogged after work for letting little old Mrs Smiths garden shed burn down…!

  27. punctuation Says:

    Ah, round here “to flog something” means “to sell something” 🙂

    Do you really think they sit around all day and let stuff burn down? That’s not been my experience of them.

  28. Amie Says:

    Punctuation – and your point is…

  29. Amie Says:

    Tanya – This may very well be the case, but my point was/is, until you have actually paid that tax yourself how do you know how you will feel?

    Also I don’t see what your point is with regard to working with low income people, how has that got anything to do with it?

  30. sungirltan Says:

    have you got a new job then?

  31. Amie Says:


  32. Amie Says:

    Anyway, my issue is not with low income people but with the government – because they waste so much of our money, hence we have to pay higher tax!

  33. sungirltan Says:

    well are you implying that you have personal experience of paying 40% tax?

  34. sungirltan Says:

    well ok fair enough but the original post was about my grievances with individuals/the media assuming the moral highground because they pay tax over anyone who doesn’t.

  35. Amie Says:

    No at the moment I am not but –

    a) I have aspirations to, and don’t fancy losing that much of my wage when I am

    b) my partner does, so in a way I do (i.e. by proxy)

    Re: moral highground etc, suppose it depends on your political viewpoint! We all ‘cost’ the same (on average) so why should some pay more? Especially when the higher wage earners actually contribute more economically to society anyway – through spending their incomes on consumer goods etc…

  36. Dave59r Says:

    Tax is very relative isn’t it…..some of us may earn very high wages and get a large percent taken away (unless your name is Pierre when you come through customs)….what remains is still a very good living!? The safety boundary between “good life” and “bones of your arse” is very large and mistakes easily ridden.

    Now then look at the lower earners in this life who earn very little and still contribute. Some walk a very tight path indeed and yet still make ends meet. Who’s to judge between the professionals living in the penthouse….the couple in the semi or the family in the housing association flat???

    The contribution isn’t always money or quantifiable, some times it’s the job no-one else wants to do…maybe dirty…maybe dangerous…..maybe uncomfortable with peoples attitudes…..know what I find easier to give as my contribution.

  37. sungirltan Says:

    amie – re a) im the public sector we’ll be lucky!
    b) i suppose i could claim that too.

    re the rest i dont entirely disagree but the contribution through higher disposable income is to the economy, which to be fair controls society to a degree BUT its not all about money, government policy makers love the idea
    of ‘making a positive contribution to society’ (every child matters, valueing people etc) and i really dont think that should be measured in £’s

  38. Dave59r Says:

    Consumer goods a contribution to our society!!? Hmmmmm

    Guess we could say the robber is contributing as well by ensuring that the “consumer item” is purchased again??…..

    I would of said the soldier, policeman, ambulance driver, school teacher, fireman (if i must!), hospital porter, road sweeper, the man from the council that removes Mr Smith after his milk mounted up for a couple of days…..

    (did i go too far there?)

  39. sungirltan Says:

    you missed Social Worker off the list,

    your future wife xx

  40. Amie Says:

    Firstly, I was making a point about the economic contribution of high earners to society, not their overall contribution. Of course public sector people are important (my mum and my other halfs parents work for the government) but without the higher earners these people would / could not get paid. Again, that is not to say they do not perform a valuable job.

    Are consumer goods not a contribution to society? Without them we would not have shops, market stalls, internet sites, which all employ people to sell through them (yet alone design, build, distribute, market said good ???!!!) Re: the point about the robber, not really a contribution as the good is not taxed on purchase again (unless the robber declares his income – ha ha!)

    I think my point is, high earners in some ways do / can take some of the high ground because in effect, they have paid for it!! (like most other things in society)

    Is this not the world we live in? Next we will be saying people with less intelligence should not be ‘ruled’ by those with more intellect (which due to maket forces is generally the case)

  41. sungirltan Says:

    so moral high ground can be bought?

  42. Dave59r Says:

    “George Bush”….blown your argument out the water straight away!! ha ha

  43. floatykatja Says:

    Mr B: you are a god to me.

    Amie: I suggest you read Punctuation’s first response to this post before making stupid comments like ‘and your point is?‘.

  44. Amie Says:

    George Bush – ha ha, very true, although that’s why I said generally (although the people who advise him, helped him get in to power against all odds and who REALLY run the country are almost certainly pretty bright!!)

    Re: ‘and your point is?’ – my mistake. I made my first point in response to Tanya’s original post – didn’t see his first one – sorry!

    Although, after reading Punctuation’s first post can’t help but feel that his acceptance of paying more tax is in response to him feeling that his job does not deserve / justify his wage. Perhaps he should give more away then (your sister if she is on the breadline perhaps??!!) Don’t be too harsh on yourself – your talent in computer design / programming etc awards you a better reward than those who don’t / can’t. Market forces again eh!

  45. punctuation Says:

    Tan, I appoint you my first prophet on Earth. Everything I say must be recorded for there is a hidden profoundness in it that the unenlightened are too sober to recognise.


  46. punctuation Says:

    Amie, you really don’t get it, heh heh. 🙂

    Market forces are exactly the whole problem here. Market forces have no part to play in taxation and social justice. If I invent the best and most effective cancer drug available to mankind does that entitle me to charge shed loads for it? It is possible to justify certain prices based on cost to produce – many of these things require extremely ornate and detailed testing. But these things benefit mankind in general – there ought to be a better way.

    My comments on taxation are that I think it’s wrong we commercially appraise things like health and social care that are not, in themselves, commercially viable. Remembering, as I do, the 1970s when it was a time of unrealistic preservation of structures (like British Leyland) that were propped up when perhaps they shouldn’t I too recognise the need for hospitals, for example, not to have totally bottomless pockets without some form of overview but that’s not what is happening is it?

    Things, in general, are fucked.

    We all know it. Socialism is not that kind of spin-doctored rubbish slithering out of Tony Blair (who despite this might still be revealed to be grossly misunderstood, but I doubt it). It is not even some Liberal Giberal let’s take the middle line approach. It’s a much more fundamental recognition that WE take care of one another in a civilised society – even sometimes the cheats and liars and the fiddlers of expenses.

    When do we decide not to treat a quadriplegic on the basis they contribute nothing? Why educate the child too intellectually ill-equipped to attain the right SATS grades? Oh wait, we need people in the factories, don’t we so in that sense these kids will always be safe. No? Extreme? Maybe.

    “We all file in, and we force them to win, we’re pleased with what we’ve got…”

  47. sungirltan Says:

    market forces.

    that thatcher beast has alot to answer for.

  48. Amie Says:

    Punctuation, I do get it, but just have a different outlook to you.

    Much of what you say is the usual idealistic / leftie rhetoric which is killing this country. The PC brigade who often fight for those who don’t actually ask you to fight for them (e.g. councils fighting for multi lingual literature / signposts etc in shops / centres etc when these people often only want to assimilate, not be seen as different! etc)

    Unfortunately market forces DO exist, hence we have the situation we have. Like you say, there ought to be a better way, but I am not sure there is. Somebody HAS to pay, but is it right if it is mostly, sorry, always the same people (when it comes to supporting others?) I suppose that is my point (yours of course is yes they should – sounds a bit hug a hoodie to me??)

  49. sungirltan Says:

    *extreme lefty/idealist/tree hugging hippy* but thats to one side.

    and we should bring back hanging right?

  50. punctuation Says:


    No, you don’t get it. Really really don’t.

    “Hug a hoodie”. Lol. How very tabloid. Political correctness? Oh please. Have you never read anything I’ve written? You think I’m some kind of idealistic leftie? 🙂 You even use such hackneyed clichéd conjunctions like “PC brigade” – a brigade? A phrase directly from News International.

    Do you not see this is exactly what I am saying too. Pen pushing bureaucracy with target-orientated management. “Service users”, “clients” – you think this is ok? Really? I thought I made it clear I don’t. By extrapolation from that you then imply I must also would support councils who pursue other bizarre policies. I must have not made myself understood. 🙂

    Amie, market forces do exist, that’s what drives my business and the prices of the products. This does not mean we should monetize and justify fundamental and essential services like health care on the basis of financial viability, does it?

    Saying “that’s just the way it is” is a total and utter cop out. Discussion like here is encouraging because it does mean that, on a wider scale, people say “hang on a minute, it is shit that I can’t be treated in a reasonable period of time”.

    It’s nothing to do with wearing hemp clothing and using crystals to detect energy forces in a crop circle….

  51. amillionpieces Says:

    Amie, yes, those who have should pay more. You know why? Because if they don’t, and there’s not enough money for the government to help people then you get people living in slums, you get people starving, you get people unable to afford to feed and clothe their children. Look at America – they may pay less tax, but the poor are genuinely poor, despite the huge Economy. America demonstrates on that level all that is wrong with Free Market Economics, it’s unrestrained capitalism means that those who have not are left very sharply in contrast to those that have.

    Just because the west “won” the Cold War it seems to have seen that as a green light to pursue an entirely capitalistic agenda, but the problem with that is if you refuse to allow some traditionally left wing ideas you end up with an almost feudal balance of power. Yes, paying 40% tax must be a bitch, it’s not ideal by any means. I actually agree with tax cuts, but those tax cuts should only be funded by cutting down on waste, not by permanently disadvantaging people and their families for generations by leaving them destitute in a way that they can’t ever work their way out of. Society needs to help people who can’t help themselves and as such those who have more have a responsibility to help.

    Plus – you say what the “haves” contribute to society, but often it’s the “have nots” so to speak, that they’ve made their money on the back off. You can’t segregate parts of the economy, it works because everyone is a part of it, economics works not because of the rich but because of everyone. Even those who may not be wealthy are making contributions to the labour market and as consumers.

    Tax should come down, but not at the expense of making this country one that doesn’t look after people. The reason we have such a high standard of living in this country in general is because of the way the system works, if we create a system where those who are less well off are trapped in cyclical poverty then it dehumanises us all. With the blessing of wealth comes responsibility.

  52. sungirltan Says:

    ian – thats what i meant about daily mail journalism.

  53. punctuation Says:

    It’s insidious isn’t it, creeps into our language and thinking as a result.

  54. sungirltan Says:

    peter, ah yes the labour exchange, marx.

    incidentally ‘hoodies’ or ‘young offenders’ as us pc types wou;d call them are a side effect of capitalism – marx’ alientation theory, durkheim’s anomie and so on.

    wait…hug a hoodie was coined by David Cameron….that idiot used car salesman of a TORY……nothing lefty going on there.

  55. pinkjellybaby Says:

    goodness me! people with all these opinions…that’s what’s dangerous!! lol

    Especially if they’re not willing to even consider the other side of the coin!

  56. hoverfrog Says:

    Just to stir it up a little (ha) I read some time ago that the lowest band of tax payers’ taxes are consumed in the act of collecting these taxes. Abolish the lower band and the net effect is zero. However the government do not have the will to do this because the mood is that everyone should pay taxes. Sadly I can’t verify this as fact but I strongly suspect that it contains at least some truth.

  57. gemmak Says:

    Jesus! I was gonna try and join in but as one of the (very temporarily) unemployed, non tax paying, (let alone @ 40%) I’m way too busy looking for gainful employment to read all this! ;o)

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