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Stressed Eric

February 28, 2008

Well….I should be in a meeting this morning but it was cancelled. Blog hiatus ends abruptly.

Tomorrow is hand in date for my interim portfolio. In non social work student language that means big folder full of placement evaluation work including an extortianate amount of information condensed into a small work count and some complicated graphs on which we have to plot our progress toward percieved and enforced learning goals.

We are supposed to include an indepth piece of service user feedback. I arranged to go and collect this today and the client postponed it. Cue lots of ripping out hair and panicking. My uni tutor bless her responded to my anguished email by phoning me up at work and pretty much talking me down from the ceiling. Apparently i must calm down and hand in what i have. *breathe*

Mean while……

I had my second practice observation on tuesday. It went surprisingly well! I know i know i worry like its going out of fashion. My assessor was a Families Officer in the Navy. and it showed. Military precision doesn’t quite cover it! He made notes that looked like a film script. (so we arrive at the house, and then we went in, and then you said…and then the service user said, and then you said…and so on). I really couldn’t fault him and he said nice thinks like ‘you fulfill your professional responsibility’ and ‘your assessment style is thorough and structured’. Service users commented that i made them feel at ease and they liked my approach, suggestions etc and were really happy with the service.