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The Rough Guide to Plymouth

March 31, 2008

Is what this post might sound like…………..

Shep and I have been out and about over the weekend. On saturday we dined at Carpe Diem (tapas type things). It was v tasty. I’m all about satay chicken and chilli poppers. We went for drinks after on the barbican but it was a bit dead due to the weather. Where are the beautiful people of Plymouth? They used to be in Treasury and Ha Ha but those places are a bit w**ker top heavy now for our liking. Its all poser boys and face girls (you know…the ‘is that the best you can do’ face).
We like Annabel’s though. It has live bands and burlesque. Unfortunately this week it also had Text Boy. Cue lots of rubber necking from Shep. He he.

On sunday we strolled on the hoe with ice creams until it got too windy (translate, SGT moaned). In the evening we went to the Reel Cinema across the road to see 27 Dresses. Yes, it was cheese on toast but quite enjoyable. The town centre cinema is on its knees but now costs £2.75 in the week. shep and I plan to watch every single film until it closes!

so what have you lot been up to?

Back to reality, oops here comes gravity.

March 28, 2008
  • I must write 8000 words in the next 4 weeks. Boo
  • My law exam is on May 7th
  • Today i must write a presentation on the magnitude and prevalence of discrimination.

This week’s lesson from social work is;

  • If your child says ‘oh i’ve seen this college course in *****, i think i’m going to apply.’ The correct response is ‘wow, thats great, i’m really proud of you and will support you as best I can’ and NOT ‘*sucks teeth* Ooooh, that will be very hard work you know, you HAVE to realise what hard work that will be’ and so on and so on. Please also be mindful of saying ‘what?? Beauty Therapy? You can do better than that!”. This may well be true but its about what THEY want out of life, not YOU.

Please let me go with you, I’ll wear the smile on your face

March 27, 2008

I did some training yesterday about a tool developed by a similar runaways project to facilitate discussion around emotions with young people. One of the exercises was to choose an emotion and  give it a colour/feel/shape etc and then contextulaise it. For example ‘what does *** mean to you/those around you’. I chose happiness. I descibed it as being red in colour, sounding like music, feeling like a kitten and being heart shaped. After a while it gets easier and you stop over thinking and write the first thing that comes into your head. when I havd to describe what happiness means to me/those around me all I could think was that quite often I worry about telling people I am happy because I know that it has a good chance of causing resentment/irritation/jealousy. I think this is quite sad and an indication that I don’t feel very supported.  I think my supposed support system looks like this;

  • Mum. On the whole v supportive but has high expectations of me and this year has had alot of her own issues so shared joy is a bit sporadic.
  • Dad. One extreme to the other. When he is happy then he’s overjoyed by my smallest acheivements. When he’s cranky he only assesses information with regard to how it affects him and can be quite nasty. He also bitches to my sisters about me and vice versa so its a bit hit and miss.
  • My sister. Makes a big fuss about being there for me. Gives delayed, luke warm responses.

On the other hand…

  • Best friend A. Very supportive about everything. If i’m happy, shes happy for me. One of the few friends I have who I don’t feel competes with me.
  • Long standing friend S. Much the same as A. I’m lucky to have these two – wish I saw more of them.
  • MYF’s. Although I’ve underestimated them in the past they are actually very good to me. This was quite evident when I was ill earlier in the year.

But then theres…

  • Friend I have fallen out with: I hide things from her. I tell myself its to protect her feelings but actually its to avoid her covert meanness. She made some barbed comments recently accusing me of becoming ‘too materialistic’ since I have been with Shep. I am still f**ked off about this. I think she found it easier when we were both struggling with life. Maybe I make her feel bad about herself. i dunno really. I don’t mean to and i’ve gone out of my way alot to support her.

Not forgetting…..

  • Shep. Well I can’t really complain about him!! In all seriousness he’s great but I’ve only had him a few months. He did one say something very meaningful to me though, which was ‘got strong arms to carry baggage’.


March 25, 2008
  • I have collected a dyslexia assessment from Disability Assist at uni. It is a checklist type thing. I answered no to about 95% of the questions. As in ‘do you find *** difficult?’
  • I am all moved in at Chez Shep. There is alot of clutter in the spare room but the rest of the apartment is looking good. I might even do an ‘at home’ blog with photos soon.
  • We have spent the weekend building furnitre from Futon Company and watching Prison Break on dvd. We must get to the end before they have to be returned to Blockbuster tomorrow. Its quite a challenge!
  • We went out to eat at Artillery Tower on Saturday. My review is thus……’almost as expensive as Tanners but freezing cold with absurdly slow service. Food distinctly underwhelming.’
  • After that we went to Treasury and Jazz Cafe. I am composing an entry about what happened there…….wait and see.
  • I did surprising well for easter eggs this year. They totalled 4…and a lindt golden bunny! Shep bit its head off so i broke the neck of his chocolate M&S duck.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

March 20, 2008

On the one hand….

  • Shep arrived safely. He is fine.
  • Its nice to be back in the palace (i must stop calling it that now since it is my house and that makes it a bit pretentious.
  • My dress for the charity ball (see below for photo) had arrived. It is FABULOUS. I fond some shoes in Schuh which are like the ones Miranda’s waters break over in Sex and the City. Actually i’ll find a photo. I want to get Shep a shirt or something to match me.

On the other hand…..

  • I still have to move.
  • I’ve lost weight again even though I have been eating a bit.
  • Suspect I may have sinusitis again.
  • My progress metting at uni was awful and I cried buckets. This has not been an easy year for me. The expectations are high for me to spill my guts about various issues which impinge on my studies. I continue to decline – that is my right. However my tutor is now insisting on a dyslexia assessment ( I didn’t get one in the end last time because my Mother (a teacher) insists that I can’t possibly have it). I might look it up though and see. What was the most awful about the meeting was the accusation that I can’t cope this year. Since I have not failed any modules yet or demonstrated any attendence issues I think this was quite an unfair judegement, never mind being very unhelpful and unconstructive.




March 17, 2008

Thing that makes me very sad is racism. Its rife in the media at the moment as we seem to be having an imigration backlash. I find it all very hard to swallow. I went to an international school, with african royalty amongst lots of other interesting people from all over the planet.

I love the idea of multiculturalism. I think Britain has become fantastcially rich with the cultures of the world. I love the myriad of food availiable now in every city. I love foreign films, from the glitz and spectacle of Bollywood to the sesnsory delight of french cinema to the new iranian film industry just getting to its feet. There is so much to see but its so amazing that we can see some of it from here.

I love seeing people in traditional dress – its boring when everyone looks the same.

Imigrants do not offend me. They don’t! During my many years in Leicester I always lived in the terraces. My neighbours on one side were a muslim family, I think they might have been Kurdish refugees. And I survived!! They were polite to me and dic not makes lots of noise even though they had visitors most of the time. There were no cars up on bricks and they did not (god forbid) put their rubbish in my wheely bin. My neighbours on the other side were also muslim and were a large iraqi family. The had lots of jolly children. They only bothered me at night running up and down the upstairs corridor but they were all under 12. Thats life – i’dhave been more concerned that children that young didn’t make any noise!

On the corner was a shop run by a British Pakistani couple. Since they were not Christian/Catholic they opened every single day of the year. Fine by me!!

I used the same asisn taxi firm for the 7 years I was in Leicester. For most of those years I had the same driver, 3 times a week. We were great friends. I called them once at 3am from the side of the road in a village outside the city, a long way from home after I had left a very difficult and potentially violent situation. A car turned up in minutes and a very concerned, sympathetic driver took me home and calmed me down. He was also asian.

Since I have been in the south west I have personally played a part in the employment of east europeans. I worked in industrial recruitment for a while and placed dozens of slavic types in jobs around the south west. I can honestly say that i have never seen any evidence whatsover of them ‘taking our jobs’. They are always less likely to get legal employment as they do not speak as good english as you or i. However what I did see alot of evidence of was extremely lazy, workshy indigenous brits. You do not get poles phoning the agency at 8am to say ‘um yeh sorry i cant take that £7ph job today as it will mess up my benefits’ I kid you not. At least once a week.  I never gave a job to a pole over a brit. But there were occasion where I would have liked to!

I like everyone. I don’t mind sharing my space with other people, wherever they come from. So there.

Disclaimer: Actually I don’t like everyone. There are about 10 people I know personally who I can’t stand. Ironically they are all white. Oh wait and one of my professors. Also white. And the BNP. And Thatcher. George Bush. You get the idea.


March 16, 2008

Since I have been trapped in the weeny flat packing for what seems like weeks now I don’t have much to say….except;

1. I’m not so much a teddy bear girl. I given them occasionally but I have only ever retained one. He’s a plain Build a Bear Workshop bear and he wears his own bear boxers. His name is Bart. After the chap who gave him to me 4 years ago. He has been around the world and back with me. Anyway…..he stinks!!! Or he did. I washed him! I’ve been psyching myself up for this for weeks after consulting bear loving folk for advice. I put him in the sink with washing liquid but I nearly cried shoving his head underwater! I know I’m 28 and he’s not real ok I know!! He gave me a bit of a look………………….when I have babies – they can’t have him!

2. Never underestimate the impact of risque pictures. Ever.


March 15, 2008

1. Point 3 from the last post got a whole lot worse. But….did result in MYF and I going to a party last night with lots of gay drama students. It was fun. I had wine. Now I have a large headache.

2.  I need to be productive this weekend!! I really do. HELP!!

3. Its RAINING!!!!!!!!


March 14, 2008

I know i’m a bit late in the day/week for much blog trafiic but anyway….

1. Thursday night drinks resumed after a long abscence by me. One of the MYF’s has new hair extensions. They are made of real hair. We had an ethical debate about it. She wasn’t impressed. They freak me out a bit.

2. Shep’s last present finally turned up from ebay after a lengthy dispute. Its a pair of Homer Simpson oven mitts. They are v cute.

3. (I was here all the time honest) Sadly since i wrote this post things have gone to shit with my Plymouth friends so i dont really have anything else positive to say.

4. I had a lie in today. It was amazing…its been weeks!!!


March 13, 2008

On the one hand……

1. I went to see The Diving Bell and The Butterfly lasy night. It was breathtaking. I love french cinema.

2. I am wearing a skirt today. This is unheard of! (it was moslty because i am so bored of all my work clothes.

3.  I’ve had some meaningful compliments lately.

On the other hand…

4. My trich is outrageous at the moment…maybe something to do with feeling very unsettled at the moment.

5. I’m so exhausted again.