Counting down the days….

I’m feeling quite blue today (still a while to go on the ticker) but in the meantime i must distract myself….

1. I took my god daughter swimming yesterday, and didnt drown her! (shes only 5 months if you didnt know and a bit cranky most of the time to say the least). She likes the water  but stares at everyone in the most stunned way…as if to say ‘what kind of arrangement is this? we go to a giant bath tub and sit in it with complete strangers but theres no Johnsons Baby Bath you just sort of rinse me a bit??’ However she does think that smacking the water and splashing everyone is pretty damn amusing though! I love her baby fearlessness though, she is like the babies on that Evian advert!

2. My friends are amazing. We had a grown up friday night in this week (nipper abandoned us for a sleep over at Ruby’s…traitor!). We had rather too much to drink but a very soppy conversation about how secure the three of us feel and how we’ve taught each other what real friendship is.

3. I had my supervisor feedback for my placement this week. It was prety much flawless. The only negative comment she made was that she thought this placement might not be challenging enough for me.

4. My work friend recommended the Herbal Esscenses brand of dye (i colour my hair dark brown and have to do it about every 8 weeks as it fades to ginger in places – yum!). Its amazing! I didnt miss any bits of hair and it looks better than my last salon colour. I know i sound like a shameless advert but home colourers will understand.

5. I gained a pound or two and look a bit better this week.

6. I actually had time for a sunbed!

7. The MoreThan adevert with the little wooden family really cheers me up. I looked for it on the net but I cant find it!

8. My relationship does not cause panic attacks. Ever.

9. My week of stress is over. Yes there will be more but I survived. And got praised.

10.  Despite frequent calls to Africa, my phone bill only went up by £10.

11. I’m not one of those idiots on Vanity Lair.

12. I love the Imperial Leather advert with the song about everyone needing a hug in the morning – even though it makes me sad.

13. I only have 2.5 more weeks of listening to my neighbours every move.

14. That includes shagging. Not for long periods admittedly but still. Actually the shagging is preferrable to listening to them argue because they sound like 5 years olds…’whimper whimper….why are you soooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaan to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, sniffle sniffle’. SHUT UP!!! Actually worse than either of those is litening to them playing that SingStar game. Oh god.

15. Only 2.5 more weeks of living in obstacle course. Can’t open the flat door very far because the coat rack is in the way – you have to squeeze around it DANGER!! If you dont look where you are going you will trip over an enourmous red holdall containing all my horsry gear, be careful – if you fall on my riding hat it will hurt!! AND THEN…further along the corridor is a washing rack overflowing with ironing not done that the slightest tremor will tip over…..and now in front of that there are two huge storage boxes with all my uni stuff in. Phew… you made it to the clear floor space but dont step too far theres an ethernet cable traversing the whole room because now i have a laptop i insist on having it on my bed. Are you still alive?

16. There is a little old man here in the library dusting the plastic plants with a pink feather duster.

17. I will have a postal address that is where i actually live!

18. Shep isn’t going back to Africa after his leave.


18 Responses to “Counting down the days….”

  1. blue soup Says:

    There is a little old man here in the library dusting the plastic plants with a pink feather duster.

    LOL Your attention to detail in your posts gets me every time x

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    well, that all seems pretty good! 🙂 x

  3. sungirltan Says:

    bs – but there was! or i hallucinated him.
    pinky -aye xx

  4. Dave59r Says:

    God only knows what “our flat” will look like in 3 weeks time!!?? he he he xxx

  5. sungirltan Says:

    not like a hotel – like it does now dear xx

  6. Lisa Says:

    You know, I’m quite fond of what you’ve done here. I woke up rather blue myself today, and making a list of good things you see and do is a great way to cheer yourself up. I may have a go of that (or two).

    Thanks for the tip on the Herbal Essences. I was thinking about the salon colouring (speaking of salons!) but now I may not.

    Swimming with babies is great fun, especially when it involves splashing everyone.

    I need time in a sunbed. Light therapy during the winter is a good thing!

    Have a fun day!

  7. Dave59r Says:

    Hmmmm….some people think my flat is fantastically deco…….”minimalist”…. Hmm

  8. amillionpieces Says:

    Thank heaven you’re not one of the people on Vanity Lair, they’re so horrid it’s unreal.

  9. sungirltan Says:

    dave – well its only any fun if you’re in it cluttering it up.

    lisa – only for all over colour tho – if u want highlights then pay someone.

    pete – I KNOW! but im morbidly fascinated! they are so stupid and well stupid!! (ps dont tell anyone but i also watch the hills)

  10. amillionpieces Says:

    Oh, I know, it’s possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen since they made us watch the holocaust in history, yet oddly you just can’t turn it off. You want to know which stupid, spiteful and not actually all that good looking person will get votde off next! (Never seen the hills, is it good?)

  11. Dave59r Says:

    Small mercies for being in Africa without TV…think I’ll go outside and talk to the donkeys tonight for my entertainment!!

  12. sungirltan Says:

    you were sitting in the office talking to me you fibber.
    anyway you have the puppy to play with xxx

  13. Dave59r Says:

    I have donkeys outside the office compund!! What do you think was talking Donk the other night when we talked on the phone!!??

    Wasnt a “Khartoum Theatre presents: ‘Mr Ed’ night”!!


  14. Maria Says:

    Hey, did you know you were advertised on Google Reader? It listed you as “recommended reading.” I clicked on you, and it appears as if you have a very popular (and nice) blog. But darn it if I didn’t understand half of what you said! I feel like a loser American, who embarrassingly admits that I don’t have the faintest clue as to what a “adevert” “holdall” “uni” “ticker” or “SingStar.” And (sheepishly) I figured out the neighbor-shagging thing thanks to Austin Powers. I’m sorry to say that. I suppose I should surf the ‘net looking for an English translation dictionary somewhere. (Okay, that sounded even worse than everything I just wrote.)


  15. sungirltan Says:

    hey maria – how cool – google reader huh? who knew!

    here are some translations for you since you left me such a nice comment!!

    advert: tv commercial

    holdall: i thought that was the american term? means a big bag you’d travel with made of nylon – like a big sports bag.

    uni: college, i’m at college training to be a social worker. we dont call it college though – that means education form 16 – 18 usually and university means anything above 18, they are technically called further education and higher education respectively.

    ticker: its that little days counter at the top of the page. i dunno what else to call it….counter maybe.

    SingStar: its a playstation game….i presume its like kareoke or something. i’ve never seen it either i can just hear my neighbours singing badly through the wall!!

    regarding the rest of the stuff there is a whos who guide which is password protected but if you ask me i’;; send it to you – its to keep people i know out – not strangers!!

  16. amillionpieces Says:

    Eee – Tan is getting famous. x

  17. sungirltan Says:

    what u mean ‘getting’ p??

  18. amillionpieces Says:

    Eeeee – Tan is getting even more famous than she already is – which is very and for all the right reasons…

    How was that? 😛

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