Ladies (not gentlemen, or the easily offended)

Right…..I had my IUD taken out in December, after 9 years. (for anyone considering that type of contraception i highly recommend it, completely stress free and only has to be dealt with every 5 years…in fact i reccomend contraception on the whole….but thats another rant)

Anyway…….it would appear my body has recovered from the invasion and started functioning naturally (yes this is the idea….yes for that reason etc)………………………………


(3 days of sobbing, followed by 2 days of agony, followed by well……a huge inconvinience which still hurts)

(and before you men start claiming you understand it – you DO NOT)


20 Responses to “Ladies (not gentlemen, or the easily offended)”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    Being 3000 miles away in Sudan has its benefits some times x

    he he he, lav you….lots n lots xxxxx

  2. Matt Says:

    I’m sorry that made me laugh & even more when I saw Dave59r reply as that was my 1st thought.
    As a male which has shared with a few women I would never utter “I understand” as that would just be plain Hara-kiri

  3. Dom Says:

    Thankyou for the warning and for not going into huge amount of detail.

    I won’t claim to understand, but I do accept. Some days we’re just going to be more wrong than we usually are for seemingly no reason. 🙂

  4. cataclismical Says:

    I’ve got an IUD .. and it’s the bane of my f**king life .. I’ve never been in some much pain for so long!

  5. sungirltan Says:

    shep/dave: damn right – you wouldn’t be getting much out of me this week! (you wait til im pregnant- i ‘ll torture you!!)

    dom – so dimmplomatic xx

    cataclisismical: my one was called Myrena – if thats the same – im really sorry *hugs* if not maybe ask your doc about having a diff one?

  6. pinkjellybaby Says:

    I was considering switching from the pill but my Doc said there wasn’t much point…. but i DO NOT want to be having them when i’m living in a hot country!!

    It’s a pain… but you’re doing it for a good reason, hurrah!! xx

  7. blue soup Says:

    I am thinking of changing from the pill after the recent health trouble, but the IUD scares me!!

    Good luck with the pregnancy thing 🙂 xxx

  8. hoverfrog Says:

    I have nothing to say but I’m too scared to leave without adding a comment. Can I get you some cake or a nice cup of tea?

  9. Dave59r Says:


    I get loads out of you no matter what time of the month it is or how far apart we are x

  10. sungirltan Says:

    HF: CAKE CAKE CAKE!!! (in the style of father jack)

  11. punctuation Says:

    Girls are yucky.

  12. Dave59r Says:

    What an incredibly sexist remark!!!……

    You have such little thought for the world weary traveller who returns from a life of hardship in conservative societies abroad. Where he has become used to women being merely the top tier of a mans positions and not really a person that has “problems” that will spoil the weekend!!

    By making comments like that you distract them from their “problems” and allow them to focus they’re anger on the newly returned, who no longer has the right to send someone to sleep with the goats for the night!!

    Shame on you!!

  13. sungirltan Says:

    he he he. i think shep’s scarec of coming home!!

    also….i had a dream last night that ian and shep had become best buds and spent all their time on msn bigging eachother up. wait………was that a dream??

  14. Dave59r Says:

    dont know his msn………

  15. Amie Says:

    I feel your pain (I came off the pill about 5 months ago, Not for that reason) but because I had basically stopped having periods or any type of pain and felt rather un feminine. THOSE were the good old days, it has been down hill every month since!!

  16. Lisa Says:

    Hmmmm… you stopped having periods with 3 weeks on the pill and one week off? That’s weird. I’ve been looking at Yaz, simply to help curb minor PMS.

  17. punctuation Says:

    I would let Shep have my MSN ID but I’m positive it would end in romantic discussions about goat sheds….mmmmm, goooooaaaats.

  18. punctuation Says:

    P.S. Girls are still yucky.

  19. sungirltan Says:

    ian -yes dont encourage him. but you’re on MY facebook so i feel special he he he

  20. Dave59r Says:

    I never touched the goat…..theres lots of goats in Sudan….wasnt me…..

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