Everyday’s an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines..

This is a whinge post. You have been warned.

1. FHM magazine. I read a bit of it in the hairdressers on Friday. I was appalled. I have been known to complain about how dopey the likes of Glamour are BUT – at least women’s media has some educational content (how to get a payrise, better job, manage your relationship better, get out of debt and so on).  Boy’s equivalent publishing astounds me…It’s disgusting. I could go on all day but the article which bothered me the most was about stag night hot spots. I mean really….if you need to go all the way to generic east european city, get hammered, get off your face and pay for sex then you are clearly NOT ready to get married.

2. Drunk men in nightclubs. You have no right whatsoever to touch me. None. However…..all the girls who go out almost naked and drape themselves all over drunk men. You arn’t helping! Actually FHM, you arn’t helping either since you peddle the idea that all young women are clamouring to show you their breasts.

3. Not turning up on the day for a formerly assessed presentation. So not cool.

4. This pledging alleigance to the Queen idea, Look on the beeb news site if you haven’t seen it. We are not brian washed Americans. More to the point I don’t take pride in the actions of my country v much (except for the minimum wage, children act 2004, working family tax credit and maybe one or two other things). Also I think as an EU country its a bit odd.

5. Chaos. Moving, pakcing, uni work blah.

6. Weather. No need to elaborate!

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16 Responses to “Everyday’s an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines..”

  1. Will Says:

    Stag Nights- what about a group bonding thing with a few mates in a nice city and a few beers. This is what most stag weekends are about, dont believe everything you read in FHM

  2. sungirltan Says:

    actually reading it in fhm was no great surprise. my bloke mates have told me a few stories over the last couple years…..involving a dwarf sex worker, excessive substance abuse and most recetly my ex’s horror on a trip to prague that his friends didnt even want to drink – the whole purpose of the trip apparently was to pay for sex.

  3. James Says:

    I despise FHM too, with a passion, and I’m a guy (in case the name didn’t give you enough clues). I totally agree with you on point 2 as well, it reminds me of a post that I wrote recently that got a bit of a reaction. I was kind of misinterpreted, but I was kind of thinking about what you said above.

    “we are not brian washed americans”


  4. punctuation Says:

    A) I have never paid for sex. It falls into the same category as lap-dancing clubs where all that would come to mind is I bet she’s thinking “shall I have chips or curry tonight”. I have been offered money for sex but that was due to a misunderstanding, a wardrobe malfunction and eight pints of lager.

    B) FHM. Cack.

    Dwarf sex…..hmmmmm.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    typos!! this isnt my computer james dont laugh at me!!

  6. Dave59r Says:

    Was going to let this blog pass me by and sit back and think nice thoughts about my future intended…..however think i’ll have a dabble AND think nice thoughts about my intended:
    1. FHM. When it first came out may of had something to say. A gents mag for the lesser IQ’d. However it is just cheap lower shelf porn now.

    2. Men touching women univited in clubs/pubs. Unfortunately this is a sign of our culture (not the time our culture is in). Too much drink=inappropriate behavour, always has done and im afraid always will.

    3. Dwarf sex. Theres nothing wrong with 5’4.5″ and i’ll fight any man who says there is!!

    4. Computer. Do you think there is a link between my appalling spelling and the computer ive been using?? Does it have dyslexia in the same way Hitchhikers Marvin was a depressed robot???

    5. SGT. If your not happy with the computer you can go back to using that Amstrad you had before!!

  7. Dave59r Says:

    Lav u xx

  8. amillionpieces Says:

    1) It’s hard to find a decent men’s mag anywhere, I agree. I’d never read FHM, Loaded, etc they’re all pure crap, their sales figures a sad indictment on the pitiful state of some of this countries men. Esquire, GQ and Men’s Vogue are generally much better.

    2) Mr Dave59r is spot on.

    3) Yes. Flog them. Or cut their mark, they should have the decency to admit they deserve it.

    4) I don’t like the idea of everyone pledging allegiance to the Queen, though I’d not have a problem with it personally it seems tacky trailer park patriotism, which really isn’t what we need. I do however think that the fact we’re on the way to becoming Fedralised EU means we need to do something to encourage a sense of national identity. I think the same runs true for all EU members, most of whom have amazing histories and cultures and it would be a shame to flush it all away due to lack of sense of belonging and identity.

    For me the solution is better education on our history and culture. We should encourage people to be proud of achievements and such, but also to have a healthy sense of challenging the status quo that runs from the Magna Carta through out our history – the constant need for renewal and reform. I also think we need to retake the Union Flag from the BNP and the Football Hooligans. A sense of identity is essential to cohesive communities.

    People applying for permanent residence here should have to take some kind of pledge, however, not to Queen or Government, but to the basic precept of abiding by the laws and being part of society.

  9. gemmak Says:

    FHM….. Ugh!

    Love this ” I mean really….if you need to go all the way to generic east european city, get hammered, get off your face and pay for sex then you are clearly NOT ready to get married.” ……I was arguing this oint with someone recently, how I wish I had come up with that at the time! ;o)

  10. sungirltan Says:

    gemma – you can be in my gang x

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