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I’ll be doing my best and I’ll see you soon

March 12, 2008


Now its 5 days until Shep flies…not including today. So here is a list for today.

1. I can put my new address on everything. I haven’t had a secure postal address where I live for some years now so I have to phone up home and chase important documents. Its quite tiresome. Actually I haven’t yet figured out how to open Shep’s mailbox so there may be a slight hitch there but hey ho.

2. We are going to a charity ball in April. Its a Bond theme. Shep ordered me a v slinky dress from to wear. I am v excited. See above.

3. I had a fit yesterday about paying £72 for a new passport for proposed weekend away. I checked it out with that country’s consulate. Passport must be valid until date of exit only. Phew.

4. One of the MYF’s wants to take over my flat/lease (the one i live in now). This will save me about £900 so I’m thrilled!!

5. My god daughter started talking. She’s only 5 months. Clearly a genius!