I know i’m a bit late in the day/week for much blog trafiic but anyway….

1. Thursday night drinks resumed after a long abscence by me. One of the MYF’s has new hair extensions. They are made of real hair. We had an ethical debate about it. She wasn’t impressed. They freak me out a bit.

2. Shep’s last present finally turned up from ebay after a lengthy dispute. Its a pair of Homer Simpson oven mitts. They are v cute.

3. (I was here all the time honest) Sadly since i wrote this post things have gone to shit with my Plymouth friends so i dont really have anything else positive to say.

4. I had a lie in today. It was amazing…its been weeks!!!


9 Responses to “Four.”

  1. Dom Says:

    While I’m all for a lie in isn’t spending weeks in bed just a little too decadant? 🙂

  2. sungirltan Says:

    you know what i mean!!!
    but come june i may yet spend weeks asleep!

  3. onestepbeyond Says:

    Sleep? I’ve heard of the concept…

  4. amillionpieces Says:

    Am I the only one missing the third point?
    Dammit I always miss the point.

  5. amillionpieces Says:

    Boo. I hate point 3. Take it away x

  6. Lisa Says:

    What ethical debate did you have over hair extensions? Hmmm..

  7. Dave59r Says:

    “Point 3s” are normally resolved after a while xx

  8. sungirltan Says:

    lisa – about where the real hair comes from = whether its from abroad = whether it has been bought for its true value – whether it comes from girls who have no option but to sell their hair. that kind of thing.

    shep – hmmmmm

  9. pinkjellybaby Says:

    why have things gone to shit? are you ok? x

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