Thing that makes me very sad is racism. Its rife in the media at the moment as we seem to be having an imigration backlash. I find it all very hard to swallow. I went to an international school, with african royalty amongst lots of other interesting people from all over the planet.

I love the idea of multiculturalism. I think Britain has become fantastcially rich with the cultures of the world. I love the myriad of food availiable now in every city. I love foreign films, from the glitz and spectacle of Bollywood to the sesnsory delight of french cinema to the new iranian film industry just getting to its feet. There is so much to see but its so amazing that we can see some of it from here.

I love seeing people in traditional dress – its boring when everyone looks the same.

Imigrants do not offend me. They don’t! During my many years in Leicester I always lived in the terraces. My neighbours on one side were a muslim family, I think they might have been Kurdish refugees. And I survived!! They were polite to me and dic not makes lots of noise even though they had visitors most of the time. There were no cars up on bricks and they did not (god forbid) put their rubbish in my wheely bin. My neighbours on the other side were also muslim and were a large iraqi family. The had lots of jolly children. They only bothered me at night running up and down the upstairs corridor but they were all under 12. Thats life – i’dhave been more concerned that children that young didn’t make any noise!

On the corner was a shop run by a British Pakistani couple. Since they were not Christian/Catholic they opened every single day of the year. Fine by me!!

I used the same asisn taxi firm for the 7 years I was in Leicester. For most of those years I had the same driver, 3 times a week. We were great friends. I called them once at 3am from the side of the road in a village outside the city, a long way from home after I had left a very difficult and potentially violent situation. A car turned up in minutes and a very concerned, sympathetic driver took me home and calmed me down. He was also asian.

Since I have been in the south west I have personally played a part in the employment of east europeans. I worked in industrial recruitment for a while and placed dozens of slavic types in jobs around the south west. I can honestly say that i have never seen any evidence whatsover of them ‘taking our jobs’. They are always less likely to get legal employment as they do not speak as good english as you or i. However what I did see alot of evidence of was extremely lazy, workshy indigenous brits. You do not get poles phoning the agency at 8am to say ‘um yeh sorry i cant take that £7ph job today as it will mess up my benefits’ I kid you not. At least once a week.  I never gave a job to a pole over a brit. But there were occasion where I would have liked to!

I like everyone. I don’t mind sharing my space with other people, wherever they come from. So there.

Disclaimer: Actually I don’t like everyone. There are about 10 people I know personally who I can’t stand. Ironically they are all white. Oh wait and one of my professors. Also white. And the BNP. And Thatcher. George Bush. You get the idea.


7 Responses to “One.”

  1. amillionpieces Says:

    Racism is horrid. People seem to forget it’s what our ancestors fought against in the war. x

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wait. You don’t like George Bush? Everyone likes him. (facetiously spoken)

    I’m with you on the racism bit. What’s funny is running into Americans (I am an American, btw) who feel that there is no place for foreigners. We are all one big melting pot, really.

    I enjoy hearing about different cultures. I work with a man from Kenya and often get to hear Kenyan music and hear about how he was raised. Interesting stuff.

  3. Dave59r Says:

    As we chatted about the other night….the average person is xenophobic to some degree. We can’t help that because that’s part of being human (we are instinctively tribalistic). The fault with the present situation in the UK is with the government for allowing such a large immigration to take place, they were warned that the figures expected to come would be huge but poo poo’d (love that phrase) the people saying it (as they did about Iraq but that’s a different rant).

    It was said about the large number of Kosovar’s resettled here in 1997. It was said about the large number of “white list countries” persons being given asylum here in the early 00. And it was said about the East European’s economic influx after the new EU countries came in. It was known there would be a problem with racism against these persons.

    I don’t like the word “racism” as it has a default association for white against black/coloured prejudice. I far prefer the simple term “prejudice”. However I have been on the end of racism on a daily basis in Africa, and it isn’t nice. BUT, it’s a part of life and always will be. Show me a person who claims to be without prejudice and I’ll show you some one who doesn’t know themselves.

    We need to understand prejudice, why it’s occurring, is the ‘reason for fear’ real, and what we can do to limit it. Immigration IS good for this country and not just in an economic way. But we must also think about how this immigration will have an effect on the people ALREADY living in the country.

  4. hoverfrog Says:

    I think you’re doing very well to dislike only 10 people. Isn’t it a given that racism is bad though? Very few racists will admit to it. Instead they’ll say things like “I’m not racist but…” and then say something racist.

  5. Rents Says:

    It´s nice to see that there still are some antiracist, who dare to speak about it. I happen to live in a place, where almost everybody are not only racist, but also xenophobic and don´t want any foreigners into our country – but in the same time, they think that it´s absolutley normal, when they THEMSELVES go to Sweden or Britain or smth like that to gain easy money. Human mind is overwhelming 😀

  6. gemmak Says:

    Hear hear! :o)

  7. sungirltan Says:

    thanx everyone
    shep – meh

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