• I have collected a dyslexia assessment from Disability Assist at uni. It is a checklist type thing. I answered no to about 95% of the questions. As in ‘do you find *** difficult?’
  • I am all moved in at Chez Shep. There is alot of clutter in the spare room but the rest of the apartment is looking good. I might even do an ‘at home’ blog with photos soon.
  • We have spent the weekend building furnitre from Futon Company and watching Prison Break on dvd. We must get to the end before they have to be returned to Blockbuster tomorrow. Its quite a challenge!
  • We went out to eat at Artillery Tower on Saturday. My review is thus……’almost as expensive as Tanners but freezing cold with absurdly slow service. Food distinctly underwhelming.’
  • After that we went to Treasury and Jazz Cafe. I am composing an entry about what happened there…….wait and see.
  • I did surprising well for easter eggs this year. They totalled 4…and a lindt golden bunny! Shep bit its head off so i broke the neck of his chocolate M&S duck.


  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    this entry should come with a warning! such violence against chocolate animals! x

  2. lisa Says:

    Sounds pretty violent, actually. 🙂

  3. Dave59r Says:

    Yummy xx

  4. punctuation Says:

    Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh P R I S O N B R E A K…..

    I have the box set of the first series (and I have not watched it all….yet).

    Brilliant programme – almost as surprisingly good as Heroes.

    The only problem with watching it is you end up with this overwhelming urge to get yet more tattoos and find yourself looking at streetmaps and flatpack furniture assembly instructions and thinking “heyyyyy, *that* would look cool as a tattoo”.

    Or is that just me? Oh.

  5. Dave59r Says:

    I think thats just you Ian!!

    I however get bombed with suggestions requesting ‘prison tats’ from the future Mrs S……so very base!!

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