Back to reality, oops here comes gravity.

  • I must write 8000 words in the next 4 weeks. Boo
  • My law exam is on May 7th
  • Today i must write a presentation on the magnitude and prevalence of discrimination.

This week’s lesson from social work is;

  • If your child says ‘oh i’ve seen this college course in *****, i think i’m going to apply.’ The correct response is ‘wow, thats great, i’m really proud of you and will support you as best I can’ and NOT ‘*sucks teeth* Ooooh, that will be very hard work you know, you HAVE to realise what hard work that will be’ and so on and so on. Please also be mindful of saying ‘what?? Beauty Therapy? You can do better than that!”. This may well be true but its about what THEY want out of life, not YOU.

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7 Responses to “Back to reality, oops here comes gravity.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Guess your busy with work, still waiting to what find out what happened in the Jazz cafe lol

  2. sungirltan Says:

    oh i see sorry Matt! i’ve been tryingh to work out how to tell the story without sounding super bitchy!

  3. punctuation Says:

    Hmmm, 8000 words in 4 weeks is 285 words a day. If you write for 4 hours a day, sleep for 8 and drink like Father Jack/snuggle Shep for 12 you only have to bang out 72 words an hour. If you put a bit of a spurt on for an hour I reckon you could chill out to about 15 words, two coffees and eight biscuits and hour for a big chunk of that too.

    Bloody students.


  4. Dave59r Says:

    Hear, hear!!!

    And the snuggling with Shep bit the student expects the other peps to do all the work!!


  5. amillionpieces Says:

    I can think of no one more suited to write about discrimination, Tan, you’re an expert or something.

    Also I much prefer the telling it like it is angle! If no one had ever said that to me I’d have ended up on the apprenticeship to fix council vans instead of going to college and uni.

  6. sungirltan Says:

    pete- telling it like it is? eh?

  7. Pore Cleanser Says:

    i have been a volunteer for 2 years on social works and this is a very exciting job for me .;~

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