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April 28, 2008

I feel like I should write something…..

I’m all out of inspiration…

Ask me some questions if you like??

Go on….

I am ridiculous.

April 17, 2008

This a picture of SGT/Shep towers. Well its a picture of our living room with no stuff in it. As you can see we have lots of floor to ceiling windows – the rest of the apartment is like this too pretty much except the bathrooms. Me being me I tend to wander about semi naked/naked quite alot with comeplete disregard to anyone looking in. Until…..

Last night the intercom rang.

Them: Um hello, my names Kate I live in the house opposite. Do you think I could talk to you for a minute?

Me: Um ok, I’ll come down.

*oh my god i’m about to be politely told off for exposure and this will be so embarrasing!!!*

At the door.

Me: Hi.

Kate: Um hi. Actually this is a bit difficult.

*Feck!!!! i was right!!!! feck!!*

Me: Um thats ok, i’ve convinced myself its about my partner and I walking around naked.

Kate: Ummmmmmmmmm no. Actually I was coming to ask if you’d consider renting me your parking space.

Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I despair of myself.

Lifted from Punctuation

April 16, 2008

4 movies I’d watch again:
The Pianist, Cinema Paradiso, The Devil Wears Prada, Hellzapoppin

4 places I’ve lived:

Rome, New York, Paris, Budapest

4 TV shows I watch:
Friends (oh come on…who doesn’t like friends!?), Prison Break, Quantam Leap, Sex and the City

4 people I email:
Racheal, Aunty V, My Mother, Sally

4 things I eat:

Muller Rice, Brie, Hula Hoops, Biscuits by the truckload, Steamed veg

4 places I’d rather be:
SeaWorld, On safari, Alice Springs hugging the baby roos, on holiday anywhere with Shep

Here comes the sun…

April 14, 2008
  • I had my hypnotherapy session on thursday. It was very good. and strange. But good. I’m not a great beleiver in such practices but during the regression type thing I thought I was concious and it hadn’t worked until he reminded me of things at the end that I had no recollection of at all. Now if I attempt to start ripping my hair out I have counter urges so strong it feels like my arms have been glued to my sides. Its v effective!
  • My uni work is fimnally starting to take off. I have been v industrious since the above appointment. I am actually enjoying writing my ethics essay instead of forcing it out word by word.
  • Shep and I went to Exeter on an outing to visit my friend R and had a lovely time on Saturday. Shep was v jolly in light of a crap week.
  • I think we are getting the car tomorrow/today – this is v exciting – lots more outings!
  • My art project with the kids is coming on leaps and bounds (the one with the fire sculpture from back along) and they have produced v impressive things…watch this space.
  • And………its sunny enough today for enourmous victoria beckham style sunglasses in burgundy.

Talk amongst yoursevles…I may be some time….

April 9, 2008

Those 8000 words? I *may* have only written 500 of them so far……..

Motivational pep talks and or plain old nagging gratefully received.

The Domestic Goddess

April 8, 2008

There has been an excessive amount of cooking at Chez Shep. We are jolly impressed with ourselves. Things we can cook to impress people are now;

  • Beef Wellington with wild mushroom sauce.
  • Carrot and Ginger soup.
  • Fusalada (some sudanese thing with chick peas but vegetarian so my Mum was v impressed).
  • Tradidtional roast dinners (Daddy Shep v impressed).
  • Anzac biscuits (I made them with the weenies at playscheme yesterday, all children AND staff AND Shep were v impressed.


April 1, 2008

Shep got me to run around the hoe last night. A proper run, not for a bus/train/taxi.

I have posh gym trousers from Elle, leftover from the personal trainer era. They are much too big now.

I am still wearing the limited edition embroidered nike air rifts. Shep is concerned I will wreck them and prescribes different sneakers for me to wear. I am v fussy about trianers. No, actually I HATE them. But I might look on the nike site and see whats what.

Tonight I’m inflating the gym ball thing I’ve got and probably laughing alot at Shep and I falling off it.

Edit: Shep isn’t v good at ballancing on the ball. I manage ok.