Shep got me to run around the hoe last night. A proper run, not for a bus/train/taxi.

I have posh gym trousers from Elle, leftover from the personal trainer era. They are much too big now.

I am still wearing the limited edition embroidered nike air rifts. Shep is concerned I will wreck them and prescribes different sneakers for me to wear. I am v fussy about trianers. No, actually I HATE them. But I might look on the nike site and see whats what.

Tonight I’m inflating the gym ball thing I’ve got and probably laughing alot at Shep and I falling off it.

Edit: Shep isn’t v good at ballancing on the ball. I manage ok.

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12 Responses to “*Stunned*”

  1. amillionpieces Says:

    Fitness Barbie! πŸ˜›

    You should go on NikeID you can design your own running shoes! πŸ™‚

  2. sungirltan Says:

    like i know right!

    i looked at nikeid they dont do rifts. has to be rifts. i found some on the schuh site tho which i quite like and a whole site full of ones which have been discontinued called j600 something. its all good.

  3. amillionpieces Says:

    Oh. I *Heart* schuh! Check eBay – schuh have an official ebay store and if they’re discontinued they sometimes do them real cheap on there! x

  4. Dave59r Says:

    SGT’s Rifts…..very nice….

    SGT’s runnin kit……very very nice…..

    SGT running……Grrrrrrrr

  5. sungirltan Says:

    shep runs like a girl.

  6. Matt Says:

    Had to look these up!
    Not that impressed just split toed deck shoe with Velcro

  7. Matt Says:

    Why is my name not in blue but black?

  8. Matt Says:

    But blue now?

  9. sungirltan Says:

    i think i need to post a pic of the ltd ed rifts!
    it is blue?

  10. amillionpieces Says:

    Shep, I can imagine. πŸ˜›

  11. punctuation Says:

    Ok stop this – you made me Google rifts and you know the internet is a scary and confusing place and not safe for me to play with.

    So, black rifts look like something Ninjas wear and look like they must be expensive. I’d go for them if they had little heely wheels and engines in them plus free vouchers for stuff I don’t need. I like vouchers. Especially free ones.

  12. lisa Says:

    Those gym balls are made for falling off of. πŸ™‚

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